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kinder Fluff Car Sun shade (4px) -80 GSM with 15s Film (highest possible

kinder Fluff Car Sun shade (4px) -80 GSM with 15s Film (highest possible) for full UV protection-2 Transparent and 2 Semi-Transparent Sunshades
Kinder Fluff Car Sunshades are the best because : Static-Protective Film (15s which is the highest possible) offers better static and darker shade. Protective Mesh (80 GSM which is the highest possible) offers better sun protection and UV block Perfectly sized at 20'x12' fits most cars offering protection against heat, sun, glare and UV rays Designed to fold and unfold in seconds Easy to apply and remove leaving no residue on the window Visibility with Semi-Transparent Car Sunshades Visibility with Semi-Transparent Car Sunshades it is perfect for areas in which sun protection is more important than visibility such as back seat windows protecting sleeping infant or kids from direct Sun and heat or the windshield and back windows to protect your dashboard, steering wheel, car interior, upholstery from UV damage and fading while the vehicle is parked outdoor in the sun. It is important not to use the Semi-Transparent shade in areas which may block the driver's view. Visibility with Transparent Car Sun Shade it is perfect for driver's side windows as it offers great sun and UV protection while allowing visibility. Also great for Pets,children in car seat and children bothered by the sun glare in the back seat keeping them calm while traveling.
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Shade-It Car Windshield Sun Shade - Durable, Nylon Heat Block and UV Pro

Shade-It Car Windshield Sun Shade - Durable - Nylon Heat Block and UV Protection Sunshades - Sunlight Blocker for Mid Size Vehicles and Windshields - Reflective Coating - Easy Storage (63” x 33.87”)
Shield It, Hide It, Cool It, Protect it... SHADE-IT!Sunshine is great for a beach day or when you're trying to get a tan, but it wreaks havoc on the interior of your car, causing the seats and wood paneling to fade. Plus, it's brutal getting into a car that has been exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight. Metal buckles and leather seats burn your skin. Items you left in the car like makeup could melt. The air is so thick and muggy that it may be difficult to breathe. Ultimately, it's just an unpleasant feeling getting in a hot car. We made sure to create sun shade reflectors that were easy-to-use, provide full coverage, and did their job. Once you try our line of windshield shading, you'll never look back. Product Details: - 99% UV protection - Small and perfectly size for windshields that are 63" long and 33.87" tall - Comprised of reflective silver material on the outside that reflects 95% of sun - Has an easy-fold feature that allows it to fit effortlessly in compact carrying case - Durable, won't tear Purchase Comes With: Car Window Sunshade Carrying Case Stick-It Dashboard Pad Ebook on Proper Protocol to Ensure the Integrity of Your Car 12-Month Money Back Guarantee!
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Car Sun Shade - 4 Pack Cling Car Side Windows Sunshade for Baby,Car Suns

Car Sun Shade - 4 Pack Cling Car Side Windows Sunshade for Baby - Car Sunshades Protector - 80 GSM for Maximum UV Sun Glare Protection for Kids - 2 Pack 20
The Secret To Keeping Your Baby Cool and Comfy in The Car a - 2 diffrent size (20" x 12"/17'' x 14'' ),Fits most vehicles. b - Easily Installs without falling off with static-cling technology. c - 2 layers.one static cling side and one protective mesh (80 GSM which is the highest possible) that blocks 98% of the UV rays while maintaining driver visibility . d- Lightweight sun shade but super strong and durable with a sturdy wire all around. e - Re-position the sunshades according to your child's need without any suction cups or adhesives. f - Easy to twist, fold and store in the storage pouch. The Best Car Window Shade To Protect Your Precious Child. a - The best car sun shade to match the baby infant car seats offering baby sun protection while allowing visibility. b - Tthe best gift for anyone who is interested in interior car accessories, sunshade for car,car window shade and window cling film What you get: a - 2 x Side Window Sunshades for Driver Window(20'' x 12'' ) b - 2 x Side Window Sunshades for Back Window(17'' x 14'' ) c - 1 x Premium Storage Travel Pouch d - 1 x Bonus Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
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Windshield Sun Shade -Luxurious 210T fabric(highest quality in the marke

Windshield Sun Shade -Luxurious 210T fabric(highest quality in the market)for maximum UV and Sun protection -foldable sunshade for car windshield will keep your car cooler- Windshield Sunshade (Large)
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DEAL Balaclava,Sunsing Ski Mask Motorcycle Neck Warmer for Men Women You

DEAL Balaclava - Sunsing Ski Mask Motorcycle Neck Warmer for Men Women Youth in Outdoors - Protection from Dust and Sun’s UV Rays(1 Piece - Gray)
PREMIUM Balaclava - Specially Designed for both WINTER and SUMMER OUTDOOR Activities We use PREMIUM HIGH-TECH POLYESTER FIBERS to Design High-Quality Balaclavas that reaches new standards for Absorbency, Wicking, Durability, Abrasion Resistance and WIND PROTECTION. Why You'll Love Your Versatile Balaclava : ✔ Gives cold, wind and sun protection while skiing, motorcycling, running, cycling, trekking, fishing, hunting, hiking and other outdoor activities. ✔ Please note: this product provides natural and inherent UV protection because it covers the skin and obscures it from the sun's damaging rays. ✔ Extremely breathable. Wrinkle free. ✔ Has a more natural and smoother fit than regular balaclavas. ✔ You can easily fit it on - lightweight - stays comfortable on your head ✔ Allergy free, no headache, eco-friendly and odorless - this balaclava is made of new developed polyester fiber that pulls moisture away from your skin ✔ One size fits most. Designed for men and women ✔ Machine washable and dryable NEW DESIGN: - You can wear it as a closed or open balaclava, neck gaiter or saharan style. Can be worn on its own or under any kind of helmet or hat. - Brings two layers of fabric over your ears giving them superior protection in cold and windy environment. Please Note Actual color may be little different due to photographic equipment & monitor setting Do not use this mask at open flame
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OxGord Car Seat Sunshade Covers to Protect Your Child Safety, Protector

OxGord Car Seat Sunshade Covers to Protect Your Child Safety - Protector Keeps Baby Infant Toddler Cool - Auto Window Sun Protection with Carseat Shade Reflector UV Ray helpers
Few things in life are worse than getting into your car, and the seats are so hot you can't even sit down. It's even a bigger issue when you have kids whining and crying about it. Now, you no longer need to worry, with OxGord's Car Seat Sunshade Cover. This sunshade car seat cover for babies, toddlers, and children alike will provide the ultimate protection against harmful sun, heat and UV rays. Simply open the car seat cover it and pull it over the seat. Keeps the seat cool and protects from wear and tear. Most importantly, it keeps your little one comfortable whether you're on a long road trip, or simply running errands. Don't let the heat slow you down, and definitely don't wait for the seat to cool down while you run the AC.
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Car Sun Shade for Side and Rear Window (4 Pack) - Car Sunshade Protector

Car Sun Shade for Side and Rear Window (4 Pack) - Car Sunshade Protector - Protect your kids and pets in the back seat from sun glare and heat. Blocks over 98% of harmful UV Rays - Easy to Install
Introducing the Best Sunshade that will provide SPF30 + protection and block over 98% of harmful UV Rays! Love traveling but dread the harmful sun rays?Are you fed up with setting up sun shades that do not stay put? There's a simple solution for that! Traveling becomes a breeze with the help of our high-quality car Sun shade! Shield your kids from the bright, hot sun during car rides. It is totally convenient! These pop-open instantly when you need them. With our Twist 2 Fold design along with our Bonus Bag, makes it small enough to easily store in your traveling bagThe Perfect Investment to Protect Your Children and Pets!• Includes 4 sun shades. Two 20" x 12" inches and two are 17" x 19" sun shade.• Strong static material that sticks without leaving residue behind• Quick, easy & simple to use - No suction cups needed• Lightweight & compact - Can easily re-position - stored conveniently in any car accessory orgenizer• A perfect gift they'll love - Show that special someone that you care, with a gift that is practical and useable. Instructions • Wipe the window with a paper towel or a cloth• After the window is clean, place the Car Sun Shade with the static cling material on the window• Apply pressure throughout the sun shade until it is firmly pressed to the windowVeenev's Sunshade has proven to keep your car cooler on sunny days.It can be used horizontally or vertically to fit a wide variety of vehicles. The static-cling fabric material makes it easy to attach, remove and re-attach again and again. With the easy-to-see through, sun-blocking mesh, backseat riders are protected from the sun but their view out the window is not. It's simple to install. Don't hesitate!.
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Car Sun Shade for windshield, sunshade cover for maximum UV protection,

Car Sun Shade for windshield - sunshade cover for maximum UV protection - universal fit and easy storage. TriNova
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Car Windshield Sun Shade - Blocks UV Rays Sun Visor Protector, Sunshade

Car Windshield Sun Shade - Blocks UV Rays Sun Visor Protector - Sunshade To Keep Your Vehicle Cool And Damage Free - Easy To Use - Fits Windshields of Various Sizes (Standard 59 x 31 inches)
AVOID EXTREME HEAT AND SUN DAMAGEWant to keep cool and avoid heatstroke due to the very high temperatures? On a hot summer day, touching your steering wheel or seat belt is like putting your hand directly into a hot frying pan. The interior of a parked car can reach very high temperatures. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun also enters through the windscreen and heats up the air in the car which is unable to escape out of car due to lack of ventilation. The front windscreen also sometimes acts like a magnifying glass, intensifying the sun rays, and make the car interior hotter on sunny days. The Solution: Buy EcoNour sun shade! You will no longer have to worry about the burning seat, the hot steering wheel, and the lack of oxygen on hot days. EcoNour sun shade features are as follows.   •  Shortens the time it will take to cool your vehicle   •  Prevents the inside of your car from over-heating   •  Protects LCD screens, DVD and CD players, GPS devices, and other electronics   •  Eliminates dashboard fade and cracks   •  Compact folding design allow for easy storage in glove compartment or door pocket   •  Easily pops open, installs in seconds, safe, and convenient to use!   •  Made from high quality nylon polyester material   •  Customized design measuring 59 x 31 inches (150 x 78 cm)   •  Fits windshields that DO NOT EXCEED 59 x 29 inch (150 x 73 cm)   •  Lightweight but strong and durable   •  Includes a free storage pouch    Protect yourself, your kids, your pets and your vehicle! Do not wait, Click on ADD TO CART now and prove it yourself!!
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KALMORE Car Window Shade+Car Sun Shade+Car Sunshade+Block Harmful UV for

KALMORE Car Window Shade+Car Sun Shade+Car Sunshade+Block Harmful UV for Max Protection with See thru View - 19x12 - 3 pack
The secret of keeping you and your kids cool and comfortable in the car is KALMORE Static Cling Car Window Sun Shades. Our special UV resistant technology provides a temperature-isolation effect to keep you cool and comfortable sitting next to the window in hot weather, meanwhile protect your baby from UV damage in baby seat. So never worry about the dangerous sun rays again. Install the most efficient car sun shade and get protection from sunlight, heat and glare no-hassle. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Package Size: 6.0 in x 6.0 in x 1.0 in. Shade Size: 19 in x 12 in (48 cm x 31 cm) Weight: 5.9 oz. Package Includes: 3 x KALMORE Sun Shades (19 in x 12 in) 1 x Premium Storage Travel Pouch 1 x Bonus Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (Can be used to clean dashboard or LED screen) Great Customer Service. ADD TO CART TODAY.
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