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kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade (4px) -80 GSM with 15s Film (Highest Possible

kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade (4px) -80 GSM with 15s Film (Highest Possible) for Full UV Protection-2 Transparent and 2 Semi-Transparent Sunshades
Kinder Fluff Car Sunshades are the best because : Static-Protective Film (15s which is the highest possible) offers better static and darker shade. Protective Mesh (80 GSM which is the highest possible) offers better sun protection and UV block Perfectly sized at 20'x12' fits most cars offering protection against heat, sun, glare and UV rays Designed to fold and unfold in seconds Easy to apply and remove leaving no residue on the window Visibility with Semi-Transparent Car Sunshades Visibility with Semi-Transparent Car Sunshades it is perfect for areas in which sun protection is more important than visibility such as back seat windows protecting sleeping infant or kids from direct Sun and heat or the windshield and back windows to protect your dashboard, steering wheel, car interior, upholstery from UV damage and fading while the vehicle is parked outdoor in the sun. It is important not to use the Semi-Transparent shade in areas which may block the driver's view. Visibility with Transparent Car Sun Shade it is perfect for driver's side windows as it offers great sun and UV protection while allowing visibility. Also great for Pets,children in car seat and children bothered by the sun glare in the back seat keeping them calm while traveling.
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DEAL Balaclava,Sunsing Ski Mask Motorcycle Neck Warmer for Men Women You

DEAL Balaclava - Sunsing Ski Mask Motorcycle Neck Warmer for Men Women Youth in Outdoors - Protection from Dust and Sun’s UV Rays(1 Piece - Gray)
PREMIUM Balaclava - Specially Designed for both WINTER and SUMMER OUTDOOR Activities We use PREMIUM HIGH-TECH POLYESTER FIBERS to Design High-Quality Balaclavas that reaches new standards for Absorbency, Wicking, Durability, Abrasion Resistance and WIND PROTECTION. Why You'll Love Your Versatile Balaclava : ✔ Gives cold, wind and sun protection while skiing, motorcycling, running, cycling, trekking, fishing, hunting, hiking and other outdoor activities. ✔ Please note: this product provides natural and inherent UV protection because it covers the skin and obscures it from the sun's damaging rays. ✔ Extremely breathable. Wrinkle free. ✔ Has a more natural and smoother fit than regular balaclavas. ✔ You can easily fit it on - lightweight - stays comfortable on your head ✔ Allergy free, no headache, eco-friendly and odorless - this balaclava is made of new developed polyester fiber that pulls moisture away from your skin ✔ One size fits most. Designed for men and women ✔ Machine washable and dryable NEW DESIGN: - You can wear it as a closed or open balaclava, neck gaiter or saharan style. Can be worn on its own or under any kind of helmet or hat. - Brings two layers of fabric over your ears giving them superior protection in cold and windy environment. Please Note Actual color may be little different due to photographic equipment & monitor setting Do not use this mask at open flame
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Shade-It Car Windshield Sun Shade - Durable, Nylon Heat Block and UV Pro

Shade-It Car Windshield Sun Shade - Durable - Nylon Heat Block and UV Protection Sunshades - Sunlight Blocker - Reflective Coating - Easy Storage - Bonus Product Included
Shield It, Hide It, Cool It, Protect it... SHADE-IT!Sunshine is great for a beach day or when you're trying to get a tan, but it wreaks havoc on the interior of your car, causing the seats and wood paneling to fade. Plus, it's brutal getting into a car that has been exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight. Metal buckles and leather seats burn your skin. Items you left in the car like makeup could melt. The air is so thick and muggy that it may be difficult to breathe. Ultimately, it's just an unpleasant feeling getting in a hot car. We made sure to create sun shade reflectors that were easy-to-use, provide full coverage, and did their job. Once you try our line of windshield shading, you'll never look back. Product Details: - 99% UV protection - Small and perfectly size for windshields that are 63" long and 33.87" tall - Comprised of reflective silver material on the outside that reflects 95% of sun - Has an easy-fold feature that allows it to fit effortlessly in compact carrying case - Durable, won't tear Purchase Comes With: Car Window Sunshade Carrying Case Stick-It Dashboard Pad Ebook on Proper Protocol to Ensure the Integrity of Your Car 12-Month Money Back Guarantee!
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MATCC Car Windshield Snow Cover Magnetic Frost Guard Winter Protector Su

MATCC Car Windshield Snow Cover Magnetic Frost Guard Winter Protector Sun Shades Cotton Thicker Snow Protection Cover Winter Snow Removal Magnetic Edges Fits Most Car
Specification: 1. Size: 147* 120cm 2. Color: Silver 3. Material:Aluminized film + pp filled cotton + black polyester Features: 1. Durable,washable, lightweight. 2. Resistant to rain, frost, snow, UV rays, dust. 3. Cotton aluminum foil : Thicker than other snow covers with cotton material inside. 4. Three sewn-in magnets to keep it in place even in strong wind, no scratches. 5. All-season Windscreen Protection: Dust in spring, sun and UV rays in summer, fallen leaves in autumn, ice and snow in winter. Package Include: 1 x Windshield Snow Cover Some tips for install: 1. Spread the cover on your car windscreen. 2. Let the magnetic firmly cover your car. 3. Secure the flaps with the door closed. 4. Hang both of the elastic band on wing mirrors.
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Motorcycle Cycling lycra Balaclava Full Face Mask For Sun UV Protection

Motorcycle Cycling lycra Balaclava Full Face Mask For Sun UV Protection - White
Specification: SKU: B201300421 Material: lycra Color: White Dimension: 45 x 25 cm(L x W) -Head circumference: 48 - 58 cm -Eyes width: 6 cm -Eyes to bottom: 26 cm Net weight: 42 g Description: Sun and wind, dust and pollution, snow and rain... Ah, your face, ear and neck are under great exposure to these harmful factors. I mean, when you are on a bicycle riding, skiing, or other outdoor sports. So if you wanna provide great protection to your face, ear, and neck, you really need this face mask to get what you want. Made of high quality lycra, this face mask provides great protection to your face, ear and neck from sun, wind, cold and snow. Soft, and comfortable. Its breathable material allows easy breath but ultra protection. It is ideal for the use when riding, skiing, and other outdoor sports. Also it is perfect to be the essential equipment of war games, paintball and hunting. It is versatile to be used all the year around. In summer, it is sweat absorption and protect from the sun. In winter, it helps to protect from wind and cold. Really practical. Balaclava styled with simple fresh color, this is a great accessory to be fashion and functionality at the same time. Package Content: 1 x Outdoor sports face mask
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2Pcs Car Window Shade for Sun UV Baby Insects Protection Universal Fit A

2Pcs Car Window Shade for Sun UV Baby Insects Protection Universal Fit Adjustable Sun Shade Breathable Mesh Car Curtains Anti Mosquito Bug Window Net Car Rear Door Outdoor Camping Netting (L)
IMPORTANT: These sun shades are the best option when providing shade for kids and babies in the car, please be aware they may reduce visibility. Our aim is to solve the harsh sun problem and provide maximum shade at a minimum cost. DO NOT PUT ON THE FRONT SIDE WINDOW DURING FRIVING. NOT FOR CARS WITH SLIDING DOORS OR WITHOUT DOOR FRAMS.
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Pevor Car Sun Shade Windshield Protective Cover Multi-Functional UV Snow

Pevor Car Sun Shade Windshield Protective Cover Multi-Functional UV Snow Ice Frost Dust Half Car Cover
♦Fit for most of the models, and suitable for each season. The use of air insulation characteristics, effectively to play the sunscreen effect. The separation of garments and car surface, can play a certain hail effect. ♦Reflector is important: When you purchase the car roof cover, the first choice is light color. The most common color is the silver, as this color looks relatively obvious at night. In addition, it is recommended to give priority to the use of a reflective strip, which can ensure that the vehicle overnight can give other vehicles and pedestrians clear tips. It can be used all year round: Spring: anti-sand, preservative dust, anti-pollen, anti-tree oil, anti-bird manure, insects and animals claws on the car damage; Summer: anti-ultraviolet, radiation, anti-acid rain, anti-exposure, to prevent paint fade, pollution, white and car interior leather and decorations dry crisp; Fall: frost prevention, anti-ice dew; Winter: rain and snow, protect the car cooler and make it easy to start.
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Windshield Sun Shade -Luxurious 210T Fabric in The Market for Maximum UV

Windshield Sun Shade -Luxurious 210T Fabric in The Market for Maximum UV and Sun Protection -Foldable Sunshade for car Windshield Will Keep Your car Cooler- Windshield Sunshade (Large)
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RiverView Enterprise Hold Tight Car Windshield and Wiper Protection from

RiverView Enterprise Hold Tight Car Windshield and Wiper Protection from Sun Snow - Tree Sap - Leave - Covers Entire Window - Fits Most Cars and Medium SUVs
The Hold Tight Snow Cover is long enough to cover your windshield and your wipers. ##### INSTALLATION is simple. Just spread the snow cover across your windshield. Open your doors and tuck the tabs inside the vehicle and close the doors on them. This locks the cover in place to prevent the wind from blowing it off. ##### For REMOVAL you just open the doors to pull the tabs out, close the doors and remove the cover carefully. Now just shake it off and stuff it in the free pouch we provide. There is no need to even take the time to fold it up. ##### Your RESULTS are both clean windshield and clean wipers. ##### Although the cover will fit almost all standard cars and midsize SUV, please take the time to make you measure your vehicle to make sure it will fit prior to ordering. ##### USE IT YEAR ROUND. In the Spring the Hold Tight Snow Cover keeps pollen and seeds off your windshield and wiper area. In the Summer it provides shade, which protects your dash board and keeping the car cooler. In the Fall it keeps leaves from falling into you wiper area. In the Winter it keeps snow and frost off the windshield and wipers. ##### Click "add to cart" now, you will be glade you did.
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SuBleer Silver Car Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow Sun Shade UV Protec

SuBleer Silver Car Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow Sun Shade UV Protection Sunshade Sunlight Blocker Waterproof Windproof Dustproof Scratch (KM-L08R-Y9PS)
Subleer Car Windshield for Snow and Ice Cover is your best choice for all weather use. This windshield sun shade and snow cover is suitable for 4 seasons, it's your great partner in summer and winter. Specifications (4 layers protector): 1.PEVA aluminum foil (reflecting the sunlight) 2.Spunlaced cotton (isolate the heat from sun) 3.Black non-woven lining (protect your car windshied) 4.Composite contton (effectively prevent high temperature into the car). Color of front side:Silver Color of reverse side:White Size:57.87Inch(width) X 40.16Inch(height),suitable for most of small cars or ordinary cars Package Includes: 1×Car Windshield Snow Cover 1×Storage bag How To Install Subleer Windshield Cover: 1. Take out the windshield cover from the storage bag. 2. Insert Fabric on driver and passenger doors, and close the doors at the same time. 3. Secure the windshield with secure attachment with the front windscreen wiper. Multipurpose use design: It isolates wet lawn and uneven ground definitely, as a comfortable picnic mat. With its ultra thick design. it can used as camping table mats, yoga mats, tent mattress, pet car mats, baby crawling mat at the outdoors. Resistant to rain, frost, snow, UV rays, dust: Can be used as snow shield cover in winter and windshield visor sunshade in summer as well, keep leaves on the cover in autumn, block dust in spring to make your car in good condition outdoor. If you not satisfied with our windshield snow & ice cover, we back up that promise with a 30 day money-back guarantee .Order the Car Windshield Snow Cover now. If you have any problems, just feel free to contact us, we will do our best to help you. Thank you.
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