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Mercedes-Benz Exterior Car Care Kit

Mercedes-Benz Exterior Car Care Kit
Mercedes-Benz Car Care Products offer the following features: Advanced line of superior quality products , Exclusively produced in Germany for Mercedes-Benz, Manufactured with innovative technology for long-lasting protection Fast-acting and easy-to-use, Environmentally safe, Precisely formulated for compatibility with Mercedes-Benz vehicle materials
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TOMINE Car Cleaning Gun with Air Regulating Valve Automobiles Cleaning D

TOMINE Car Cleaning Gun with Air Regulating Valve Automobiles Cleaning Deep Dry Clean Foam Gun Tool - Professional Washing Blow Gun for Car Interior & Exterior Care with 1L Bottle (US Connector)
Brand introduction: TOMINE specializes in automotive products and have been committed to the development of automotive cleaning tools for 21 years. Our team always insist on car cleaning tools optimization based on principles of quality and beauty to serve all the car lovers like you. Features: ★ Polishing process :Improving the service life, wear - resisting,scratch - resisting and hand feeling. ★ The hook:Humanized design to facilitate your use. ★ Germany bearings:Making the nozzle rotating always smoothly and improve the cleaning ability visibly . ★ Alloy Regulating ball valve:Freely regulating the amount of liquid coming out by sliding the ball valve up and down. ★ The trigger:manufactured by German technology,can reduce the risk of metal fatigue several times more than normal cleaning gun triggers according to spool destructive tests. Use and care: ☆ How to use? 1 Add water or cleaning fluid. 2 Connect the pump. 3 Slide the switch. 4 Pull the trigger to start cleaning. ☆How to maintain it? Put the nozzle into water, close the liquid valve, pull the trigger for 1-3 seconds and it will be washed automatically. Get the nozzle out, dry it and stored in ventilated place.No exposure to direct sunlight. Product specifications: Material: aluminum alloy gun + plastic foam bottle Bottle color: white Washing gun size: 33.7 cm / 13.3 inches (length) x 13.2 cm / 5.2inches (width) Bottle size: 13.2 cm / 5.2 inches (diameter); 14 cm / 5.5 inches (height) Air pressure: 6 - 9.2 bar / 87 - 133 PSI Water storage capacity: 1L Connector: US 1/4" air hose connector The package includes: 1 Cleaning gun with a bottle 2 brush heads
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Wolfgang Concours Series WG-3000 Exterior Trim Sealant, 8 fl. oz.

Wolfgang Concours Series WG-3000 Exterior Trim Sealant - 8 fl. oz.
Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant is the only exterior trim protectant you need. This one product provides durable, clear protection on plastics, rubber, vinyl, and metal exterior trim. Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant is designed to maintain the beauty of your vehicle, not cover it up. The protection is strong enough for a daily driver but the finish is worthy of a show car.
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TriNova Car Wash Kit Complete Detailing Bundle Best for Washing Car, Tru

TriNova Car Wash Kit Complete Detailing Bundle Best for Washing Car - Truck - SUV. Accessories Included Shammy - Glove - claybar - applicator - Towel - Microfiber - Brush. All Amazing Supplies. 19 Pieces
The most excellent and complete kit you'll find. Get ready to have your mind blown by the value of $200 worth of products stuffed into a $100 box. We guarantee satisfaction - so if the products aren't your thing, just let us know and we'll make it right!
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Wizards Mist-N-Shine Detailer_ High Gloss Car Detailing, Surface Cleaner

Wizards Mist-N-Shine Detailer_ High Gloss Car Detailing - Surface Cleaner Spray (1 Gallon)
Whether you’re a proud owner of a new car, show car, motorcycle, RV or just a nice vehicle, you will appreciate the quick spray and showroom shine of our best-selling Mist-N-Shine Professional Detailer (22oz 01214 – Gallon 01217). Anytime you want to quickly dust off your car, bike or pickup just use our detail spray as a car wash detailer to brighten the finish and get that just waxed look without wax products, rubbing, or white residue. You can spray Mist-N-Shine anywhere on the car, SUV or motorcycle including the paint, clear coat, striping or windshield and it really shines on chrome as a hard surface cleaner; great on show cars to add a deep gloss and slick feel to custom paint, and it works great as a detail spray in the engine compartment on custom cars too. We began selling Wizards Products into the professional body shop market in1986 and today Mist-N-Shine is used in many thousands of body shops after machine buffing to remove oily residue and dust from buffing without using additional chemicals; it leaves the finish so shiny and clean the car won’t need to be washed. It's great on fresh or fully cured paint and safe to use on any hard surface and most any surface except fabrics. This spray is so versatile you can use it as a motorcycle windshield cleaner, dry wash on your paint, a detailer spray for car interior care, your computer, TV or phone screen, and even as a guitar polish or piano polish. Generally compatible with other car cleaning supplies and attachments and easier than wax for cars. All Wizards Products are compliant with current VOC and prop 65 regulations and Mist-N-Shine contains no wax, alcohol, or petroleum solvents. Labels display GHS warnings and pictograms as required for professional use.
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MEGUIAR'S G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit

MEGUIAR'S G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit
The Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit has inspired automotive enthusiasts worldwide to pamper, condition, and protect their treasured investments. This is one of the most complete kits on the market today, featuring Meguiar's premium-quality products in one convenient, affordable package. It includes one 16-ounce bottle of Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner - G7116, one 16-ounce bottle of Gold Class Carnauba Plus Liquid Wax - G7016, one 16-ounce bottle of Gold Class Endurance High Gloss Gel - G7516, one container of Quik Detailer - A3316, one 16-ounce bottle of Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner - G13616, two 50-gram clay bars with a clamshell container - R30-60-008, R30-60-120, one container of PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish - G12310, one container of ScratchX - G10307, one microfiber towel - M9910, one foam applicator pad - R30-60-241, and one Microfiber Wash Mitt - X3002.
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High Gloss Ceramic Car Coating Kit, Anti-Scratch Exterior Care Paint Sea

High Gloss Ceramic Car Coating Kit - Anti-Scratch Exterior Care Paint Sealant 9H Hardness 30ML (1Pcs)
MR FIX 9H is a Nano-Ceramic Protective Paint Coating, Scratch Resistance, Chemical Resistance, UV Resistance, Thermal Resistance and Anti-Graffiti With both the Super Hydrophobic and Anti-Graffiti effect combined, your vehicle's surface will stay cleaner for longer. Dirt and grime will not stick to the surface and since the hydrophobic effect causes water to bead up and roll off the surface, it will take the dirt with it! The hard ceramic film also offers superior protection from damaging contamination and harsh chemicals Feature: 1. With the hardness of super hydrofobowa glass coating 2. The sacrifical coated on the surface can be used as a coat of the barrier 3. Protect your car from blaknięcie aging, weathering and erosion, sunshine, sour powder, etc. 4. Protect your car from scratching, make the car more shining like the new Specifications: 1. Type: Car liquid ceramic coat 2. Material: Polysiloxane and other Nano materials etc. 3. Hardness: 9H hardness 4. Durability: 3-5 years 5. Coating Thickness: about 30um 6. Gloss: shiny as a mirror with excellent high gloss 7. Anti-corrosion: PH tolerance: PH2-12 8. Heat Resistance: Up to 760 degree 9. Consumption: 30ML 10. Bottle Size: shown as the picture How to Use: 1. Wrap the cloth over coating sponge 2. Put coat liquid on the cloth 3. Spread the liquid on the car 4. Use towel to wipe and polish sponge over the coated fabric Note: All products are inspected and qualified before shipping. If the products were damaged in international transmit, please contact the seller. The seller will check the damage and give compensation or accept refund.
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Armor All 18574 Premier Car Care Kit (8 Piece Kit), 18574

Armor All 18574 Premier Car Care Kit (8 Piece Kit) - 18574
Keep your car clean and protected inside and out with the Armor All Premier Car Care Kit featuring 8 proven Armor All products formulated to enhance your car's looks and protect your automotive investment. Armor All Ultra Shine Wash & Wax contains a proprietary blend of cleaning agents, surface lubricants and real carnauba wax to meet the most exacting standards. Armor All Original Protectant is formulated to clean, shine and protect, helping to keep surfaces looking like new. Our proprietary formula cleans away dirt, dust and debris, fights aging, fading and cracking, while enhancing your vehicle's deep rich look. Armor All Glass Cleaner's ammonia free formula is specifically engineered for your car, tackling the toughest automotive jobs without damaging automotive surfaces - revealing sparkling windows with amazing clarity and shine. Armor All Multi-Purpose Cleaner is scientifically engineered for your car's special needs, lifting away dirt and debris without harming automotive surfaces, revealing that "just-detailed" look. Armor All Extreme Wheel & Tire Cleaner's Triple Action Formula is specifically formulated to attack grease, road grime, and brake dust that get baked on during the intense heat of driving conditions - dissolving them to reveal your beautiful, shiny rims. Armor All Extreme Tire Shine contains a proprietary "Shine-Shield" formula that delivers intense, mirror-like shine and a rich, black look that is fortified with conditioners that protect and nourish your tires. Armor All FRESH fx On-the-Go Car Air Freshener Pump Spray keeps your car smelling fresh. Armor All Wash Pad contains microfibers that lift and attract dirt while protecting surfaces, making it faster and easier for you to keep your car looking great. The perfect gift for the car enthusiast.
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Car Duster -The Best Microfiber Multipurpose Duster -Home Interior Use-P

Car Duster -The Best Microfiber Multipurpose Duster -Home Interior Use-Professional Detailing Tool-Comfort Handle
Microfiber bristle prefect for exterior and interior without scratching. It owns strong adsorption force and can easily remove dust and dirt. No hair loss, no debris, light and durable, beautiful and delicate. Made from high quality stainless steel telescopic rod, easy to extend and close Great for interior or exterior use! Car, Motorcycle, RV or Home SAVE MONEY! SAVE WATER! Dusting allows you to go longer in between car washes EVA foam grip and fits comfortably in the hand.100%Satisfaction Guaranteed The largest dusting head on the market cuts your cleaning time in half while providing a showroom quality look No cheap plastic or wood handle to break off! Size: 17.32-inch-long handle(44cm) 15.7-inch-long car duster (40cm) 33.07-inch-long stretch (84cm) towel:30cm x 70cm (11.81'' x 27.56'') Package Include: 2*car duster 1*towel
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Armor All Complete Car Care Kit (1 count) (4 Items Included)

Armor All Complete Car Care Kit (1 count) (4 Items Included)
The Armor All Complete Car Care Kit delivers four proven Armor All products formulated to enhance your car’s looks and protect your automotive investment. Includes Armor All Original Protectant, Armor All Ultra Shine Wash & Wax, Armor All Tire Foam Protectant and Armor All Glass Wipes. The perfect gift for the car enthusiast!
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