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Car Wash Microfiber Sponges House Clean Sponge, Premium Grade Microfiber

Car Wash Microfiber Sponges House Clean Sponge - Premium Grade Microfiber Applicators for Car Washing - Car Cleaning Kit - Car Exterior Care - Microfiber Applicator Pad for House & Kitchen Cleaning
Car Wash Kit Microfiber Applicator Pad, Microfiber Sponges Premium Grade Microfiber Applicators for Car Washing - Pack of 8 Pcs Description: ♦ Professional-Grade applicators are ideal products for car detailing, applying wax,sealant, glazes, dressings and etc. ♦ High quality microfiber will minimize the chance of surface scratches when you use it dealing with your car. ♦ Inside sponge wrapped by plush makes the products not only gentle,but also strong and highly absorbent. ♦ Due to the special design,it will help you deliver the right amount of the product without saturating the sponge or wasting product. ♦ The innovative combination of materials makes this applicator great with spreading product evenly on the surface as well, resulting in maximum coverage while using less emulsion and saving time and money. ♦ A both material and money saving product for you! Don't miss it! Dear customer, Thank you for buying from us. All the products are at the economic price with guaranteed quality. Rest assured to buy! If you have any question about our products, please feel free to contact us. We will reply as soon as possible and grantee to give you the satisfactory solutions for you. The best products and best service here.Buy now!!! Go ahead and click on the Add to Cart button on the top right hand corner of this page.
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Mercedes-Benz Exterior Car Care Kit

Mercedes-Benz Exterior Car Care Kit
Mercedes-Benz Car Care Products offer the following features: Advanced line of superior quality products , Exclusively produced in Germany for Mercedes-Benz, Manufactured with innovative technology for long-lasting protection Fast-acting and easy-to-use, Environmentally safe, Precisely formulated for compatibility with Mercedes-Benz vehicle materials
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upra Ultimate Car Duster Kit, Set of 4, Best Extendable Microfiber Multi

upra Ultimate Car Duster Kit - Set of 4 - Best Extendable Microfiber Multipurpose Duster Cleaning Dashboard Duster Interior Car Detailing Brush Lint Free Microfiber Cloths - Exterior or Interior Use
UPRA is dedicated to offering all our customers prominent quality products,hoping your car spotless, dustless, and gorgeous with our car dusters.Why us is different?1. We apply high-class quality microfiber to make it lint and wax free, pick and suck up dust off your car quicker and with one pass;2. Sturdy build, it will not fall apart or unravel even use it for a long time;3. Special design and tight joint, it will not snag things on or in your car;4. Easy to clean: Usually wash it once two months--Shake the dust off, then put it in in water with mild detergent, next knead it, and last rinse it. Product Configuration: Big one: Minimum length 21.5 inch, Maximum length 29 inch.(Weight: 13.4 oz) Circular one: 11.5*4.5 inchMini Car Air Vent Duster: 6.5 inch
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All-Surface Care - Cleaner, Wax, Polisher and Protector - Interior and e

All-Surface Care - Cleaner - Wax - Polisher and Protector - Interior and exterior use - 13.5 oz - Protect All 62015
Protect All Polish, Wax and Treatment truly is the most unique vehicle surface care product available. The concept - a single product that can be sprayed on virtually any presentable surface, wiped to dry to create a naturally beautiful finish. Use on fiberglass, paint, chrome, stainless, aluminum, Plexiglas, glass, rubber and more. No need to worry about powdery residue as the product dries cleaning a crack or crevice. Protects All Polish, Wax and Treatment creates a glossy carnauba wax finish in a fraction of the time and effort of other multiple component wax systems. Protects All Polish, Wax and Treatment contains no abrasives so it's ideal for use on clear-coat finishes as well as plastic and vinyl. An additional bonus feature is a UV inhibitor to aid in protecting surfaces exposed to the damaging effects of the suns' ultra-violet rays. Spray on wipe dry application saves the user up to 60% in time and effort making owners of large RVs and boats especially happy.
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Stoner Car Care 95401 Bug Eraser Car-Cleaning Wipes, Removes Bugs Fast a

Stoner Car Care 95401 Bug Eraser Car-Cleaning Wipes - Removes Bugs Fast and Easy - Safe for All Automotive Surfaces - 10 Eraser Wipes - Set of 1
Removing bugs, road grime, and contaminants from the front bumper, hood, and side-view mirrors is never a fun or easy activity. Stoner Car Care’s Bug Eraser is an easy-to-use, highly effective solution. It effortlessly removes baked-on bugs, bird droppings, and road grime. It contains no harmful solvents or degreasers that can harm automotive surfaces. It is sold in a single package of 10 individual car-cleaning wipes that activate easily with just two ounces of water. Our bug remover car-cleaning wipes contain a softening agent that loosens bugs and lubricates paint finishes while synthetic microfibers grab and lift off bugs with ease and without scratching. Stoner Car Care Bug Eraser car wipes will not scratch or cause swirl marks on paint the way netted bug sponges or course foam blocks can. Our bug wipes are safe for grills, bumpers, clear coats, and all other vehicle surfaces. They are great to use as a pre-wash product and a handy item to take with you on road trips. Stoner Car Care bug wipes are easy to store, allowing you to keep a few in your glove box or trunk for easy access when they are needed. Bug Eraser is simple to activate. Just moisten the car wipes with as little as two ounces of water. Once they are wet, gently wipe away bugs, and then wipe the surface dry with a microfiber cloth. Stoner Car Care has been a trusted name in automotive, industrial, and home cleaning since 1942. We guarantee 100-percent satisfaction on our car care products or your money back.
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Protect All 62016 All-Surface Care Cleaner, Wax, Polisher and Protector

Protect All 62016 All-Surface Care Cleaner - Wax - Polisher and Protector - Interior and exterior use - 16 oz.
ProtectAll All-Surface Care is a multi-purpose cleaner formulated to work on both interior and exterior surfaces, cleaning, polishing, waxing, treating and protecting. The 5-in-1 formula replaces 5 or more products: Cleans: Plastic, glass, Plexiglass, mirrors, and more Polishes: Chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Waxes: Clearcoat, paint, fiberglass, gel coat Treats: Vinyl, finished leather Protects: UV blocker prolongs the life of the surfaces Easy to apply - spray and wipe dry. There's no rinsing involved, just apply a very small amount of the product to an area and spread evenly it with a clean cloth. Immediately wipe to dry with another clean cloth. Highlights: [VERSATILITY]: Perfect for interior and exterior use - Works on cars, RVs, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles and more, cleaning and protecting hundreds of surfaces [PERFORMANCE]: Formulated with carnauba wax, All-Surface Care creates a durable and lustrous showroom shine and the non-abrasive formula is safe even on clear coats and expensive paint coats [FUNCTIONALITY]: Coats surfaces leaving a non-oily, anti-static and water-repellent finish, protecting against UV light [CONVENIENCE]: ProtectAll All-Surface Care is easy to apply and doesn't require rinsing. Leaves no white powder residue around lettering and in hard to get to areas [UTILITY]: 5-1 formula - cleans, polishes, waxes, treats and protects plastic, glass, Plexiglass, mirrors, chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, paint, fiberglass, gel coat, vinyl, finished leather, etc.
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TAKAVU New Car Duster, Multi-Functional Ultra Soft Microfiber Duster wit

TAKAVU New Car Duster - Multi-Functional Ultra Soft Microfiber Duster with Storage Bag - Long Unbreakable Extendable Handle up to 32 inches - Exterior or Interior Use - Lint Free - Best Car Accessories
Give your car or bike the showroom look it deserves by keeping the Exterior/Interior spotless with the TAKAVU Car Duster.Whether you drive a brand new vehicle right off the showroom floor, restored that classic vehicle your dad left you, or just have a hand-me-down from your older brother, you want to keep your vehicle looking beautiful and clean. That's because no matter what you drive, it will be there to help you get to work, go on a Sunday drive, and go on country-wide adventures.The best way to keep your vehicle looking gorgeous isn't endless trips to the car wash, or countless disposable wipes, it's by using a premium microfiber chenille dash duster from TAKAVU Auto Care. Designed to be better than other dusters as well as the old car feather duster, our car duster traps and locks away more dirt and debris in just a single pass to ensure your car or bike looks great. Not only that, but it will help you save time and money so you can spend more time driving and enjoying your car or bike and less time cleaning itIntroducing The TAKAVU Ultimate Car Duster - Multipurpose Microfiber Duster- The largest dusting head on the market cuts your cleaning time in half while providing a showroom quality look. - Professional Quality! It won't leave behind lint or residue like the red one from California! - No cheap plastic or wood handle to break off! - Unbreakable steel handle extends to help you get to the hard to reach areas, up to 32 inches! - microfiber chenille makes sure dust or pollen doesn't get left behind! - Use it on your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, SUV, RV or Boat! - It works great in the house too! Use it on any surface! - Includes storage bag to extend the life of the duster! - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Don't hesitate! Click The ADD TO CART and BUY NOW! We ensure you will get a good brush with super reasonable price!
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Wolfgang Concours Series WG-3000 Exterior Trim Sealant, 8 fl. oz.

Wolfgang Concours Series WG-3000 Exterior Trim Sealant - 8 fl. oz.
Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant is the only exterior trim protectant you need. This one product provides durable, clear protection on plastics, rubber, vinyl, and metal exterior trim. Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant is designed to maintain the beauty of your vehicle, not cover it up. The protection is strong enough for a daily driver but the finish is worthy of a show car.
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TOMINE Car Cleaning Gun with Air Regulating Valve Automobiles Cleaning D

TOMINE Car Cleaning Gun with Air Regulating Valve Automobiles Cleaning Deep Dry Clean Foam Gun Tool - Professional Washing Blow Gun for Car Interior & Exterior Care with 1L Bottle (US Connector)
Brand introduction: TOMINE specializes in automotive products and have been committed to the development of automotive cleaning tools for 21 years. Our team always insist on car cleaning tools optimization based on principles of quality and beauty to serve all the car lovers like you. Features: ★ Polishing process :Improving the service life, wear - resisting,scratch - resisting and hand feeling. ★ The hook:Humanized design to facilitate your use. ★ Germany bearings:Making the nozzle rotating always smoothly and improve the cleaning ability visibly . ★ Alloy Regulating ball valve:Freely regulating the amount of liquid coming out by sliding the ball valve up and down. ★ The trigger:manufactured by German technology,can reduce the risk of metal fatigue several times more than normal cleaning gun triggers according to spool destructive tests. Use and care: ☆ How to use? 1 Add water or cleaning fluid. 2 Connect the pump. 3 Slide the switch. 4 Pull the trigger to start cleaning. ☆How to maintain it? Put the nozzle into water, close the liquid valve, pull the trigger for 1-3 seconds and it will be washed automatically. Get the nozzle out, dry it and stored in ventilated place.No exposure to direct sunlight. Product specifications: Material: aluminum alloy gun + plastic foam bottle Bottle color: white Washing gun size: 33.7 cm / 13.3 inches (length) x 13.2 cm / 5.2inches (width) Bottle size: 13.2 cm / 5.2 inches (diameter); 14 cm / 5.5 inches (height) Air pressure: 6 - 9.2 bar / 87 - 133 PSI Water storage capacity: 1L Connector: US 1/4" air hose connector The package includes: 1 Cleaning gun with a bottle 2 brush heads
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DEDC Car Wash Tool Kit Exterior and Interior Cleaning Tools in Box Upgra

DEDC Car Wash Tool Kit Exterior and Interior Cleaning Tools in Box Upgraded - Car Vent Brush Tire Brush Wash Mitt Sponge Wax Applicator Microfiber Cloths Window Water Blade - Coffee
Name: DEDC Car Cleaning Kit Exterior and Interior Cleaning Tools in Box car detail kitAll car cleaning tools you need to clean, wipe and wax both inside and outside of your car or vehicles are in this transparent storage box for easy carrying and organizing: Including: one DOUBLE ENDED CAR VENT BRUSH 6.7inch(interior): cleaning dash board, air vent and dust place,microfiber towel cloth cover can be easily removed for washing.one CAR WASH MITT 9.3inch made from super fine Chenille fabric (interior and exterior). The mitt features super-soft microfiber strands that are extremely gentle on your paint. The microfiber strands soak up massive amounts of soap and water, working as both duster and cleaner. Larger size for both small and large vehicle, saving time for you. one SPONGE WAX APPLICATOR 8.7inch (interior and exterior): extra absorbent sponge makes cleaning easier, bone shape is easy to hold, won't scratch or damage even the most sensitive surfaces. Can be used for car waxing, cleaning, dashboard body clean, maintain leather seats, air-conditioning outlet clean, bumpers, car skirt goods such as glazing protection ect.. three CAR WASH MICROFIBER CLOTHS. One piece of microfiber detail cloth (yellow, for dashboard, LED screen and windshield), one piece of microfiber cleaning cloth (orange, wet or dry, for car body), one piece of glass cleaning cloth (for windows and rear view mirrors) one WHEEL BRUSH CLEANER 10.7inch for car rim, wheels, license holder, engines; bikes, vehicles, equipment, and furniture and so on. one SILICONE WINDOW WATER SCRAPER 12.4inch for Sun Visor Film Installation, soft silicone scraper can efficiently remove water to make film installation easy, will not damage sun visor surface. one TRANSPARENT PLASTIC STORAGE BOX to organize all, also it is a water bucket replacement when you are cleaning cars vehicles.
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