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Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant (16 oz)

Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant (16 oz)
Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant works equally well on metal wheels, tires, metal grills, plastic wiper cowls, textured bumpers and smooth wheel well guards. It works on ALL exterior trim and tires! Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant will give plastic, vinyl, and rubber a darker, newer appearance. On metal, Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant forms a clear coating that maintains its luster. The polymers cure to the surface to maintain a high level of protection week after week. For the longest-lasting results, use a car shampoo that does not strip wax. Regular washing with a gentle car soap will keep protected surfaces clean. 16 oz.
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Mercedes-Benz Exterior Car Care Kit

Mercedes-Benz Exterior Car Care Kit
Mercedes-Benz Car Care Products offer the following features: Advanced line of superior quality products , Exclusively produced in Germany for Mercedes-Benz, Manufactured with innovative technology for long-lasting protection Fast-acting and easy-to-use, Environmentally safe, Precisely formulated for compatibility with Mercedes-Benz vehicle materials
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Armor All On the Go Car Cleaning Kit (7 items) Interior, Glass Cleaning,

Armor All On the Go Car Cleaning Kit (7 items) Interior - Glass Cleaning - Protectant - Exterior Wax & Wash and Bug & Tar Wipes with a Large Microfiber Towel
The Armor All On-the-Go Car Clean Up Kit keeps up with your busy lifestyle. Conveniently sized packages are perfect to keep in your car for those unexpected spills, or whatever comes your way! The Armor All On-the-Go Car Clean-Up Kit contains 7 items: Armor All Ultra Shine Wash Wipes (12 count) allow you to remove soils like dirt, dust, bird droppings, road grime and more without using water; great for the whole car – or just a touch up; Armor All Ultra Shine Wax Wipes (12 count) are the easy way to wax and protect your care anywhere and anytime; each pre-waxed wipe allows for an easy 1-step application - no waiting, no buffing; Armor All Extreme Bug Armor All Original Protectant Wipes (20 count) are formulated to clean, shine and protect, helping to keep automotive surfaces looking like new; our proprietary formula fights fading, aging, and cracking; Armor All Cleaning Wipes (20 count) are meticulously engineered for your car's special needs; these wipes lift away dirt and debris, revealing your car's rich, natural beauty without harming delicate surfaces; Armor All Glass Wipes (20 count) are ammonia-free and are specially formulated for the toughest automotive jobs, easily removing filmy residue, road grime, bugs, fingerprints and more; Armor All Microfiber Drying Towel (1 count) absorbs 8 times its weight in water, dries large areas quickly, lint free, clear coat safe when used as directed, machine washable.
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Vozada Microfiber Car Duster Wash Mop with Extendable Handle for Exterio

Vozada Microfiber Car Duster Wash Mop with Extendable Handle for Exterior and Interior - Lint Free - Scratch Free Cleaning Brush Cleaning Tool (Gray)
Keeping your car interior spotless clean is something that can be achieved with a good car duster. Vozada gives one of the best car duster brush with a telescopic handle. This microfiber brush gives easy access, You get a scratch-free cleaning for both interior and exterior provided by the high quality duster. Made of stainless steel, the telescopic rod gives durable and long-term performance free from rust and corrosion. Features: Size: Larger dusters are more suited for removing particles from the exterior surface area.The Vozada Car Duster has a 16-inch-by-4.7-inch microfiber dusting surface that clings to dirt and dust. Performance: A car dusting mop will remove the dust with one swipe over a particular surface area. You don't want a product that simply moves the dust from one spot to another or just releases it into the air. The best car duster will trap the dust until it is shaken off or washed. Leave NO Streaks: It does not leave streaks like some other products do or scratch the surface or leave behind a waxy residue. The high-quality, padded handle makes it more comfortable to use, and the extendable, telescoping handle is strong. It works well on black vehicles, which often show every speck of dust. Telescopic, Extendable Handle If you have a large truck/SUV or have trouble bending/moving due to a physical ailment, you may want a duster with a telescoping handle. It will allow you to reach several areas of the vehicle much more easily. Telescopic handles are also effective on tall cars with high roofs. Plastic and metal are common materials instead of a more traditional wooden handle. Specifications: Material: Microfiber+Steel Size: 16.7''(L)x4.7''(W) Weight:0.6lb Color: Blue Package Included: 1x Microfiber Car Duster Brush
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Armor All Premier Car Care Kit (8 Items) - 3pc Ultra Wax & Wash Kit,

Armor All Premier Car Care Kit (8 Items) - 3pc Ultra Wax & Wash Kit - 3pc Interior - Glass Cleaner & Air Freshener and 2pc Tire Shine & Wheel Kit - 18574
Keep your car clean and protected inside and out with the Armor All Premier Car Care Kit featuring 8 proven Armor All products formulated to enhance your car's looks and protect your automotive investment. Armor All Ultra Shine Wash & Wax contains a proprietary blend of cleaning agents, surface lubricants and real carnauba wax to meet the most exacting standards. Armor All Original Protectant is formulated to clean, shine and protect, helping to keep surfaces looking like new. Our proprietary formula cleans away dirt, dust and debris, fights aging, fading and cracking, while enhancing your vehicle's deep rich look. Armor All Glass Cleaner's ammonia free formula is specifically engineered for your car, tackling the toughest automotive jobs without damaging automotive surfaces - revealing sparkling windows with amazing clarity and shine. Armor All Multi-Purpose Cleaner is scientifically engineered for your car's special needs, lifting away dirt and debris without harming automotive surfaces, revealing that "just-detailed" look. Armor All Extreme Wheel & Tire Cleaner's Triple Action Formula is specifically formulated to attack grease, road grime, and brake dust that get baked on during the intense heat of driving conditions - dissolving them to reveal your beautiful, shiny rims. Armor All Extreme Tire Shine contains a proprietary "Shine-Shield" formula that delivers intense, mirror-like shine and a rich, black look that is fortified with conditioners that protect and nourish your tires. Armor All FRESH fx On-the-Go Car Air Freshener Pump Spray keeps your car smelling fresh. Armor All Wash Pad contains microfibers that lift and attract dirt while protecting surfaces, making it faster and easier for you to keep your car looking great. The perfect gift for the car enthusiast.
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TOMINE Car Cleaning Gun with Air Regulating Valve Automobiles Cleaning D

TOMINE Car Cleaning Gun with Air Regulating Valve Automobiles Cleaning Deep Dry Clean Foam Gun Tool - Professional Washing Blow Gun for Car Interior & Exterior Care with 1L Bottle (US Connector)
Brand introduction: TOMINE specializes in automotive products and have been committed to the development of automotive cleaning tools for 21 years. Our team always insist on car cleaning tools optimization based on principles of quality and beauty to serve all the car lovers like you. Features: ★ Polishing process :Improving the service life, wear - resisting,scratch - resisting and hand feeling. ★ The hook:Humanized design to facilitate your use. ★ Germany bearings:Making the nozzle rotating always smoothly and improve the cleaning ability visibly . ★ Alloy Regulating ball valve:Freely regulating the amount of liquid coming out by sliding the ball valve up and down. ★ The trigger:manufactured by German technology,can reduce the risk of metal fatigue several times more than normal cleaning gun triggers according to spool destructive tests. Use and care: ☆ How to use? 1 Add water or cleaning fluid. 2 Connect the pump. 3 Slide the switch. 4 Pull the trigger to start cleaning. ☆How to maintain it? Put the nozzle into water, close the liquid valve, pull the trigger for 1-3 seconds and it will be washed automatically. Get the nozzle out, dry it and stored in ventilated place.No exposure to direct sunlight. Product specifications: Material: aluminum alloy gun + plastic foam bottle Bottle color: white Washing gun size: 33.7 cm / 13.3 inches (length) x 13.2 cm / 5.2inches (width) Bottle size: 13.2 cm / 5.2 inches (diameter); 14 cm / 5.5 inches (height) Air pressure: 6 - 9.2 bar / 87 - 133 PSI Water storage capacity: 1L Connector: US 1/4" air hose connector The package includes: 1 Cleaning gun with a bottle 2 brush heads

All-Surface Care - Cleaner, Wax, Polisher and Protector - Interior and e

All-Surface Care - Cleaner - Wax - Polisher and Protector - Interior and exterior use - 13.5 oz - Protect All 62015
Protect All Polish, Wax and Treatment truly is the most unique vehicle surface care product available. The concept - a single product that can be sprayed on virtually any presentable surface, wiped to dry to create a naturally beautiful finish. Use on fiberglass, paint, chrome, stainless, aluminum, Plexiglas, glass, rubber and more. No need to worry about powdery residue as the product dries cleaning a crack or crevice. Protects All Polish, Wax and Treatment creates a glossy carnauba wax finish in a fraction of the time and effort of other multiple component wax systems. Protects All Polish, Wax and Treatment contains no abrasives so it's ideal for use on clear-coat finishes as well as plastic and vinyl. An additional bonus feature is a UV inhibitor to aid in protecting surfaces exposed to the damaging effects of the suns' ultra-violet rays. Spray on wipe dry application saves the user up to 60% in time and effort making owners of large RVs and boats especially happy.
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Jax Wax Professional Exterior Wax & Detail Car Care Kit 32 Oz

Jax Wax Professional Exterior Wax & Detail Car Care Kit 32 Oz
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Car Duster Exterior Interior Brush, Set of 5, Best Extendable Ultimate

Car Duster Exterior Interior Brush - Set of 5 - Best Extendable Ultimate Long Microfiber Multipurpose Duster Cleaning Dashboard Duster Car Detailing Brush Lint Free Microfiber Cloths
Introducing The Ultimate Car Duster - Multipurpose Microfiber Duster by Relentless Drive! - 360 degree Drum Design, which clean your dust covered car in seconds. while providing a showroom quality look. - Our quality material is Lint and Wax Free! It won't leave behind lint ! - Premium Stainless Steel Telescoping Handle!No cheap plastic or wood handle to break off! - Unbreakable steel handle extends to help you get to the hard to reach areas, up to 29 inches! - Electrostatic microfiber chenille makes sure dust or pollen doesn't get left behind! -Dusting allows you to go longer in between car washes! -Not scratching the delicate paint of your car. - It works great in the house too! Use it on any surface! - Includes storage bag to extend the life of the duster! - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! You can use the duster around your home, office and inside and outside your car. The car brush duster is safe to use on most surfaces, including car roof, car body, car windshield & headlights, instrument panel, sofa, cabinet and wood furniture. After use, you can clean the car duster by giving it a good shake or simply wash
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303 Quick Car Detailer with UV Protectant - High Gloss Car Cleaner and D

303 Quick Car Detailer with UV Protectant - High Gloss Car Cleaner and Detailing Spray - 16 fl. oz.
303 Speed Detailer is a premium formula designed to instantly clean, protect and produce a high-gloss finish on surfaces. It cleans, protects and shines fiberglass, paint, plastics, metals, and glass. Quick and easy to use, simply mist on and wipe off. Anti-static, repels dust, dirt and stains and helps protect against light surface scratches. 303 Speed Detailer is engineered with powerful UV blockers, to also help prevent fading. 303 Speed Detailer wipes dry with no streaking or hazing, leaving a high gloss finish instantly.
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