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Snow MOOver 39" Extendable Snow Brush with Squeegee and Ice Scraper

Snow MOOver 39
The Snow Moover 39" Extendable Snow Brush with Squeegee & Ice Scraper is equipped with thick bristled brush helps you remove snow from your car windshield and windows quickly. The double sided head offers a squeegee opposite the brush head. The ice scraper is removable for faster and easier use. The snow scraper comes with 3 separate units-Squeegee/Bristle Head Snow Brush, Ice Scraper & Telescoping extender. Piece it all together when in use or separate it for easy storage when not in season. The ice scraper's tough, non-scratch jaws break through the ice surface quickly, then the flat head gets underneath to scrape away the rest. Safe to use on car wind shields and window. Great for cars and SUVs. The snow brush extends up to 39" making the hard to reach pockets of snow reachable. Easily reach the middle of your windshield or the middle of your car roof. DIMENSIONS: Extended Dimensions: 11" Width x 6" Depth x 39" Height Dimensions: 11" Width x 6" Depth x 31" HeightWeight: 2 lbs.
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AUPER 32" Extendable Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper, 360° P

Snow Brush and Ice Scraper The snow brush is used for cleaning snow and ice easy, it is equipped with an adjustable head, telescopic handle and detachable ice scraper. Premium Quality The snow brush and ice scraper is made of heavy duty ABS material, thick PVC bristles, soft EVA cotton handle and sturdy aluminum, so you can use it longer than other product. Extendable Snow Brush The snow brush scraper extends up to 32" making the hard-to-reach pockets of snow reachable. 360° Pivoting Broom Head Easily remove snow by setting the brush at the optimum angle for the task. Thick Brush Bristles Soft brush bristles are sturdy at the base and soft on the ends, providing a strong base without damaging vehicle body panels. Comfortable Foam Grip The snow brush comes with foam grips for a more delightful touch, comfortable, non-slip and anti-freeze. Detachable Design You can quickly separate the brush and scraper so you can use it more conveniently, also it can store easily when it is separate.
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GAMURRY Car Windshield Snow Ice Cover, Windshield Covers with 4 Layers o

GAMURRY Car Windshield Snow Ice Cover - Windshield Covers with 4 Layers of Protection and Magnetic Edges - Anti-Snow Anti-Ice Anti-Fog Thickened Snow Cover for Car - Suitable for Most Cars
💗Why to Choose GAMURRY Windshield Snow Cover?1. The size adjustment makes it suitable for a various cars and SUV,it is also prevent the wiper from being exposed outside.2. The wings become thinner, preventing gaps from entering the snow or freezing when the door is closed.3. 4 layers high quality material: aluminum foil,cotton fabric,cotton,nonwoven;keep snow/frost/ice away from your car windshield.4.Security flaps and ties, anti-theft design, not be stolen, and keep cover in place perfectly.5. Triple windproof fixed design: wing fixed + elastic band fixed + built-in magnet, even if the wind is bigger, the snow cover will not be blown away.💗Quick installation:Finish in a few minutes 1. Spread the cover on your car windscreen. 2. Let the magnetic edge firmly cover the car wipers area. 3. Secure the flaps with the door closed. 4. Hang both of the elastic band on wing mirrors.💗 Notice: Not suitable for big trucks.Such as Toyota Sequoia,GMC series.💗Car snow cover is a must-have for our travel, skiing, and outdoor adventures in winter, absolutely a good gift choice for friends and family members.Are you still worried about these problems?Is your car covered with a lot of snow/frost/ice/fallen leaves /bird droppings?Isn't the ice shovel clean after a long time of scrapingspent?Spent too much time on snowing/freezing your car windshield? 💗Add to cart now, it will go beyond your expectations!💗Welcome to contact us by email if you have any question, we will provide the free return and exchange service for you.
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Gintenco Car Windshield Snow Cover, Frost Ice Windscreen Covers with Mag

Gintenco Car Windshield Snow Cover - Frost Ice Windscreen Covers with Magnetic Edges - 4 Layers Thickness Snow Protector Covers with Side Mirrors Cover Easy to Use for Car SUV CRV Trucks
Windshield Snow Cover Snow Ice Removal Wiper Visor Protector All Weather Winter Summer Auto Sun Shade for Cars Trucks Vans and SUVsWhen you think of winter driving accessories, a windshield cover isn't always at the top of the list. Because when the snow begins to mount and the windshield begins to ice over, there's really no substitute for a good set of snow chains and a sturdy ice scraper.But, the clouds eventually part and the glare from the sun can become exponentially brighter as it bounces off all that reflective white stuff. Contrary to popular belief, the sun's rays don't have to be warm to fade, crack and ruin your interior's more delicate components.In a word, you may need a windsreen cover for your car, it can protects the windscreen well.Features:1. Made from high quality, durable foil and foams.2. Easy to Install, two size fit most cars.3. Easy to Fold and Store - Convenient to carry.4. Protects your windshield wipers and the wiper fluids from clogging.5. Suitable for snow and ice in winter, frost and dust in spring, sun UV rays in summer and leaves in autumn.Specification:Weight: 0.63kgSize S: 58x46 inchSize L: 62x50 inchMaterials: Aluminum foil film, PP cotton, composite cotton, soft black non-wovenPackage1 x Windshield Snow CoverWelcome to contact us by email if you have any question, we will provide the best service for you.Add to cart now, it will go beyond your expectations!Note:- Please measure the actual windshield size of your car, thank you so much.
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BruRkim Car Windshield Snow Ice Cover for Winter, Sunshade Cover for Sum

BruRkim Car Windshield Snow Ice Cover for Winter - Sunshade Cover for Summer - Double Side Designed - Waterproof for Ice - Snow - Frost - UV Protection - Large Size Fits for Small Cars - Standar Pickup - SUV
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Drivaid Car Snow Brush with Squeegee, 32" to 46.5" Extendable

Drivaid Car Snow Brush with Squeegee - 32
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Coindivi Car Windshield Snow Cover with Mirror Covers, Magnetic Frost Gu

Coindivi Car Windshield Snow Cover with Mirror Covers - Magnetic Frost Guard Windshield Cover for Most Vehicles - Snow Windshield Cover Protect The Windshield and Wiper from Ice - Snow - Frost
Size:Above length: 84.09 inches,Below length: 58.66 inches ,width: 49.01 inches 1.The snow cover is made of a waterproof polyester fabric and is used to cover the front windshield when the car is parked outside. 2.Prevent the front window glass scratches, dust and other pollution. 3.Easy to use, easy to fold after folding, can be carried with the car. 4.With it, you no longer need to worry about the front window of the defrost, snow removal in the winter morning . 5.Suitable for most models, to protect your car from the weather troubled. 6.Easy to Install 7.Cover windshield and the windshield wipers. 8.All-seasons windshield cover fits for multi vehicle, car van minivan truck SUV. 9.Car reaview mirror covers with REFLECTIVE WARNING BAR FAQ: Q: How can I make cover stay on car? Not blown up by the wind A: This cover is BIG SIZE Magnetic Windshield Snow Cover.So just stuff the remaining cover on both sides into the car.This will stay well on the car Q: Why is the magnet not strong? A: Consider a big and powerful magnet that will scratch your car, so we are more inclined to protect your car,reduce your losses. The large size design also allows the cover to stay on your car very well.
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MATCC Car Snow Brush Removal with Ice Scraper and Foam Grip Detachable S

MATCC Car Snow Brush Removal with Ice Scraper and Foam Grip Detachable Snow Mover for Car Auto SUV Truck Windshield Windows
MATCC Car Snow Brush Removal with Ice Scraper and Foam Grip Features: 1.MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Snow brush and ice scraper 2.Fork design of brush to sweep more snow and no scratch 3.Ice scraper to remove ice and frost 4.270° Pivoting Head to remove snow easier 5.Comfortable Foam Grip 6.One Year Warranty and quick respond service. Specification: Model: MSB001 Color: Orange Size: 65cm/26in Long 12in brush 4in ice scraper Weight: 0.3kg/0.66lb
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BOKA Car Snow Brush, 35" Extendable Snow Brush and Ice Scraper Deta

BOKA Car Snow Brush - 35
Telescoping Snow Brushes, 31 inch Extendable Snows Brush Ice scraper ,Detachable Snow Removal Broom with Foam Grip,Auto Windshield Snow brush for Small Car EASILY BRUSH AWAY SNOW Our bristles of car snow brushes is more thick than other on the markets, which helps you remove snow from your car windshield and windows quickly. HARD EXTENDABLE SNOW BRUSHES & SCRATCH FREE The hard car snow brush scraper can be extended to 31 inch from 25 inch to make the hard-to-reach pockets of snow reachable. Windshield Snow brush on opposite end for removing ice and frost from windshield or windows. 360°PIVOTING HEAD Detachable Snow brushed with rotatable brush head can 360° pivot to make remove snow much easier. snow removal broom are be detached in 3 parts, easy to store when not in use. USER-FRIEDNLY DESIGN The foam grip design feels warm and comfortable when covered with snow. TOP QUALITY BOKA snow brush made from high quality materials. If our brushes don't fit your car, OR you don't like them.Get a full refund or a replacement after contact us! 3 in 1 Design Extendable Snow Brush The snow brush bristles are soft enough that they won't scratch your paint while you use it to remove the covered snow. Built in ice chippers break up tough ice and the wide blade easily clears away any frost. What you get? 1 × Ice Scraper Mitt 1× Extra Storage Bag 1× Detachable Ice Scraper 1× Extendable Handle 1× 360° Pivoting Head
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ISILER Extendable 4 in 1 Snow Removal Kit with Snow Shovel, Ice Scraper,

ISILER Extendable 4 in 1 Snow Removal Kit with Snow Shovel - Ice Scraper - Snow Brush and Squeegee for Cars Trucks
Product Description Winter is coming. The iSiLER four in one Snow Removal Kit allows you to keep it at bay without a struggle. The combination of snow shovel, ice scraper, snow brush and squeegee provides all the tools you need to clear deep snow, remove thick and hard ice and wipe melted snow. The light aluminium poles and durable ABS material resists low temperatures and won't break even in the harshest conditions. Assembly Instructions Handle and Ice Scraper 1. Press the inner retaining pin on the thicker end of the pole and attach the handle or ice scraper. 2. Do not attach the handle or scraper to the thinner end of the pole. Brush and Shovel Press the inner retaining pin on the thinner end of the pole and attach the brush or shovel. Usage Guideline 1. This snow removal kit is intended for clearing ice and snow from windshields. 2. Avoid contact with car paint to prevent scratches. Telescopic Pole Extension and Contraction Extend or contract the telescopic pole by pressing the quick release button. Snow Brush Angle Adjustment Press the swivel button of the snow brush to adjust its angle Specifications Materials: Aluminium, ABS, PP Color: Silver & Yellow Measurements Telescopic Pole: 13.4 to 18.4 in Snow Brush: 10.24 × 7.42 in Snow Shovel: 11.81 × 6.3 in Handle: 5.51 × 4.33 in Ice Scraper: 5.91 × 4.13 in Total Weight: 1.76 lbs Package Contents 2 × Telescopic Pole 1 × Snow Brush 1 × Snow Shovel 1 × Handle 1 × Ice Scraper
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