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Curt Manufacturing CURT 80136 Safety Cables

Curt Manufacturing CURT 80136 Safety Cables
No matter how far you are planning to drive -- down the street or across the state -- using safety chains when you tow is smart, safe and required by law. Without safety chains attached, there is a serious risk of danger if your trailer becomes uncoupled from your trailer hitch. Play it safe with safety chains, and play it even safer with safety chains from CURT. CURT has a few different options when it comes to securing your trailer.An alternative to traditional safety chains is CURT safety cables. Safety cables are a medium-duty safety option and are very effective for most standard trailers. CURT safety cables are coiled so they do not drag on the ground, and they are fitted with safety latches, instead of S-hooks, to prevent them from becoming unhooked even over bumps and rough roads. One unique feature of CURT safety cables is their nylon coating. Being coated in a nylon skin keeps these cables well protected from rust, reduces the amount of noise they make and makes them easier to handle. These particular safety cables offer a minimum break force of 3,500 lbs. and measure a total length of 42".In our book, making safety a priority when you tow is a must. We offer all the safety equipment needed for successful towing, from our electrical components to our safety chains. The next time you hitch up for an adventure, always Bring It safely with CURT.
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3M Virtua Safety Glasses, Blue-Frame, Blue-Lens

3M Virtua Safety Glasses - Blue-Frame - Blue-Lens
Contoured flexible temples for comfortable fit. Lightweight - Less than 1 oz. Sleek - Styling with both men and women
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Reese Towpower 7007500 Safety Cable

Reese Towpower 7007500 Safety Cable
Reese Towpower Safety Cable features self coiling system and includes spring loaded safety latch for providing excellent security. It helps to keep the hook in place and is made from a sturdy material offering corrosion resistance.
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Safety Siphon - Safe Multi-Purpose Self Priming Pump

Safety Siphon - Safe Multi-Purpose Self Priming Pump
The Original Safety Siphon is a safe alternative to transferring dangerous fuels or messy liquids by other means. The hose with the patented self priming pump eliminates the risk of drawing hazardous or nasty fluids into your mouth when getting the siphon process started. A simple vigorous pumping action starts the siphon flow instead of sucking it out with your mouth or hands. It does not need or should never be placed in the mouth. 100 Percent Pure, Lead-Free Copper pump with an industrial strength glass ball and stainless steel spring - 1/2\" ID Premium siphon has a flow rate of up to 3.5 Gallons per minute How To Use: 1. Before using, drain all liquid from the hose. 2. The end of tube must be lower than pump before siphoning will start. 3. Submerge pump into liquid that is to be siphoned. 4. Move pump vigorously in an up and down motion. It is important the pump remain in the liquid at all times to start the siphoning. Once the flow starts, stop moving or shaking the pump as gravity will maintain the flow of the liquid. Once siphoning starts, keep the pump submerged in liquid. 5. To stop siphoning, remove the pump from the liquid. 6. Drain all liquid from the hose and clean thoroughly. 7. Store in a cool, dry place.
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Boulderfly 6" Reversible Safety Wire Pliers

Boulderfly 6
Quickly twist safety-wire clockwise or counter-clockwise with these reversible safety-wire pliers. Features a tapered, cross-hatched grip jaw with a durable cutter and an automatic spring return after twisting.
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Standard Motor Products NS85T Neutral/Backup/Safety Switch

Standard Motor Products NS85T Neutral Backup Safety Switch
Standard Motor NS85T T-Series Neutral Safety Switch
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3M Nuvo Anti-Fog Safety Glasses, Translucent Gray Frame, Clear Lens

3M Nuvo Anti-Fog Safety Glasses - Translucent Gray Frame - Clear Lens
AOSafety's Nuvo series combines the classic, retro style of the 1960's with superior comfort, quality, and construction to build a high style, comfortable, protective safety eyewear, that can be worn for extended periods of time.
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Safety Seal Tire Repair NSSSL Safety Seal Lube

Safety Seal Tire Repair NSSSL Safety Seal Lube
Features. Safety Seal Tire Repair String Plug. Special Lube. High quality product.
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Progressive Suspension (SW-413) .032" x 25' Stainless Steel Sa

Progressive Suspension (SW-413) .032
25 feet of .032 inch stainless steel wire. Used to safely wire nuts and bolts, preventing them from loosening due to vibration and other forces. Guarantees critical components will remain in place, ideal for racing applications. Use with drilled fasteners or safety wire lock washers. Great for aircraft, automobiles, motorcycles, personal watercraft and more.
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Safety Seal Special Slim Repair Plugs for Smaller Punctures

Safety Seal Special Slim Repair Plugs for Smaller Punctures
Safety Seal Special Slim Repair Plugs for Smaller Punctures, Pack of 60.
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