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Garage Monkey Engineering LED Road Safety Flare

Garage Monkey Engineering LED Road Safety Flare
Discover The Bulletproof Solution To Guarantee Your Safety In Case Of A Road Accident Let's face it. Whether you are a car driver, a motorcyclist, a cyclist or even a hiker, accidents do happen. It's always better to anticipate them and be ready for them instead of being unprepared and unequipped for the unexpected. Now, let's say you got in a highway accident and your vehicle is left at the side of the road. Did you know that a vehicle approaching at 60 MPH will travel 88 feet in ONE SECOND? Trust us when we say that approaching motorists will NOT have enough time to react and avoid the crash site, making your vehicle dangerous for their safety as well as YOUR safety. There is however, an easy solution! Presenting The Ultimate LED Road Flares Emergency Beacons By Garage Monkey [4-Pack] Coming in a handy and portable storage bag, our flares feature an instant on/off switch, plus 9 functions including strobe, rotating, SOS and 3-LED flashlight. All you got to do is push the on/off button to scroll through the functions or hold for 3 seconds to turn the flare off immediately. Featuring 12 eyelets, our LED flares will float in case of a water accident and they can be attached to cords, fishing string or be hung on tree branches for path lighting. Of course, they have a waterproof seal that shields the batteries from the elements and guarantees the device remains functional when you need it most urgently. Guaranteed Safety In Every Scenario Whether you own a car, a bike, a motorcycle, a truck or even a boat, canoe or kayak, accidents are not uncommon which is why you should always be prepared to alert passers-by of your presence. Not to mention that our emergency beacons are covered by our 1-Year Money-Back Guarantee, which means there's literally nothing else to do but... Scroll Up, Click 'Add To Cart' And Always Be Prepared!
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VicTsing 2 Pack Safety Hammer, Emergency Escape Tool with Car Window Bre

VicTsing 2 Pack Safety Hammer - Emergency Escape Tool with Car Window Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter - Life Saving Survival Kit
Safety is beyond everything, so keep a set of window breaker seatbelt cutter at hand in case you need it. This set of window punch seatbelt cutter can help you shatter the window and cut the seatbelt easily to escape. 2-In-1 Emergency Escape Tool This car safety hammer has a seat belt cutter and window breaker tool, combining the function of cutting seat belt and shattering the window into one, saving you time and helping you escape as soon as possible. High Quality, High Performance The window breaker: Made of superior carbon steel, it is very sharp and strong, shattering the car window easily; The seatbelt cutter: Made of high grade stainless steel, it is concealed at the handle, so it will be very safe when not in use and very powerful once you need it Storage is Easy and safe Come with the high quality mounting bracket that you can attach, keep the hammer in place safely when not in use. Compact and Lightweight: Measuring 6. 8*2. 5*0. 7in, this car hammer is compact enough that you can store it in the glove compartment, door pocket or armrest box. Only weighing 0. 3lb, it is light and easy to operate. Friendly Design: The handle is about 6. 7in long, making it easy to hold. The reflective strip at the handle allows you to use it at darkness without any trouble. There are so many options, why Choose Us All Our Products are Produced under Strict Quality Inspection 12-Month Worry-Free and Free Life-time Technical Support Professional After-Sales Team to Make Things Right within 24hrs. Package Included: 2* seatbelt cutter window breaker escape tool with mounting bracket
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CARTMAN Warning Triangle DOT Approved 3PK, Identical to: United States F

CARTMAN Warning Triangle DOT Approved 3PK - Identical to: United States FMVSS 571.125 - Reflective Warning Road Safety Triangle Kit
Instantly tells motorists to be alert for a roadside emergency Meets U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 125 for warning devices Weighted base assures the triangle remains stable
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TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System

TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System
TR Industrial Combination Safety Helmet, 5-in-1 Forestry Safety Helmet Hard Hat System with Accessories
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Car Safety Hammer Set of 2 Emergency Escape Tool Auto Car Window Glass H

Car Safety Hammer Set of 2 Emergency Escape Tool Auto Car Window Glass Hammer Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter Escape 2-in-1 for Family Rescue & Auto Emergency Escape Tools (2 PCS)
Color:Orange                             Description Don't gamble with your life and that of your passengers. If your car flips over or crashes into another vehicle it could catch on fire, so you can't risk becoming trapped in your seat. This sturdy and dependable car safety hammer is an essential piece of equipment that should be kept in your vehicle at all times, in case of such accidents. With a solid steel pointed window breaker to smash glass and an ultra-sharp seatbelt cutter blade, this indispensable emergency escape tool will quickly free you from the wreckage of your car in any emergency situation. Cleverly designed, the life-saving emergency hammer lets you get out of your vehicle fast, so you can stay out of harm's way while awaiting assistance.  Fitments Universal How do users evaluate it? Awesome set! We tried the cutting end on an old baby car seat and it was much easier than I thought it would be. I started having fun practicing and my preschooler wanted to try. I was wary at first, but the blade is well covered, yet easily hooks a seatbelt. She's four and was able to slice through a tough belt as if it were paper! I haven't tried the hammer side yet, but I have no doubt it will serve its purpose. The handle is really light-weight but strong. You can certainly feel the weight of the hammer side, which would only help it to break glass. Used these to get into my neighbors house after their alarm wouldn't stop going off on vacation. I bought these items used. I hope I never have to use it. It seems well built, solid and strong. The same items sell at Home Depot for three times the price. I used it as a stocking stuffer for my dad and father in law. They really thought it was cool. Everything a man likes in a tool, functional, for safety purposes..etc
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7" Backup Camera System for RV/Truck/Bus - Waterproof Camera with N

Our flagship backup camera system has been keeping our customers safe for over a decade. The rear camera system includes a crisp 7 inch LED color monitor with optional distance grid lines, normal/mirror image capability, and a built-in speaker. The RVS-770613-NM also includes a Sharp CCD backup camera with 18 infra-reds allowing for 50 feet of night vision, an ultra-wide 130 degree viewing angle, and a built-in mic. This tough backup camera is completely waterproof with an IP69K rating, and comes with a 20Gs vibration rating, and a 100Gs shock rating, which is the highest in the industry. The 3 port power harness allows for the connection of two additional cameras. 1 x Color CCD Waterproof Camera with Infra-red Night Vision 1 x 7 inch LED Digital Color Monitor with Mount 1 x 3 Port Power Harness 1 x 66 foot Camera Cable 1 x Remote Control 1 x RCA Adapter 1 x Screw Kit for installation
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Marcala LED Road Flares 6-Pack | Emergency Roadside Discs | Car Emergenc

Marcala LED Road Flares 6-Pack | Emergency Roadside Discs | Car Emergency Kit | DOT Compliant LED Safety Flares Kit w Batteries Installed - Carry-Case and 3 Bonuses | Feel Safer on The Road!
emergency survival kit luces led para autos disk lights crash safe emergency tool 1tac magnetic lamp haylo road pro emergency first aid kit flair gun 1 tac safety disc wagan fire disc car first aid emergency kit wagan tech led beacon light running fred roadside assistance auto emergency kit road flares 30 minute signal flare hazard lights boat flares coast guard approved red beacon light emergency strobe marine flares coast guard approved car kits emergency saftey strobes for trucks emergency kit first aid haylo emergency led bulb 1 tac roadside safety disc luces de emergencia yandu roadside triangle reflectors flash bag boating flares flash disc beacon lighting bengalas emergency flashers for roadside breakdown fred light pro road hazard triangle haylo safety magnetic boats roadside emergency beacon safety flairs slimk wagan fred led haylo saftey flares stealth angel roadside hero turbo flare 360 wagan fred led lights boat distress signal kit haylo safty flare powerflare roadside saftey disc haylo flares marine flairs marine signal flares red security light roadside safty disc safty light uscg flares wagan tech fred light halo safty flare haylo safety flair heliar hurricane emergency preparedness kit led safty flare orion marine flare kit red led beacon starflare starflare led road flares tac flares wagan fred wagan fred light 1 tac safety disk boating flare electronic flares cars flair gun for boat fred light emergency beacon led safty flares luces de emergencia para carro marine flair gun reusable flares roadside beacon saftey flares wagon fred 3 pack slimk led amber led emergency beacon magnetic amber strobe light auto bengala de seguridad electronic flairs emergency disc beacon flare gun marine h800612 hal flare hal safety flare hal safety light hal saftey flare hal safty flare hali safety flare hallo safety flare
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Dewalt DPG59-115C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal 1.5 Clear Lens High Performance

Dewalt DPG59-115C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal 1.5 Clear Lens High Performance Protective Safety Glasses with Rubber Temples and Protective Eyeglass Sleeve
The DEWALT Reinforcer Rx combines a safety glass with a reading glass Soft, rubber non-slip nosepiece provides maximum all day comfort
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SlimK 3 Pack LED Road Flares, Roadside Safety Discs -Emergency Warning L

SlimK 3 Pack LED Road Flares - Roadside Safety Discs -Emergency Warning Light Flashing Beacon Kit for Cars Motorcycle Bikes Trucks Boats - Instant Turn-Off Feature.Come with Storage Bag
Specifications Size: 10cm (3.95") diameter x 3.5cm (1.37") tall Weight: 170g (6oz) with batteries Battery type: 3pcs AAA alkaline batteries for each flare (included) Battery life: up to 36 hours of run time Shelf life: 10 years Emission source: 15pcs of 360 degree LED array; solid-state, no filament Magnetic base: sticks to your vehicle Shock, vibration, and water resistance Buoyancy: positive (floats) Operating temperature: -40 to 100 °C (-40 to 212°F) Flash Modes (User-Selectable) #1 - Rotate: 8 hours #2 - Quad flashes: 23 hours #3 - Single blink: 12 hours #4 - Alternating blinks: 4 hours #5 - SOS rescue (Morse code): 8 hours #6 - Steady on-high: 7 hours #7 - Steady on-low: 33 hours #8 - 4 LED Flashlights: 10 hours #9 - Top LED Flashlight: 10 hours
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Promondi 4 Pack LED Road Flares Set - Roadside Emergency Safety Light -

Promondi 4 Pack LED Road Flares Set - Roadside Emergency Safety Light - Rescue Beacon Lights For Car Boat Marine Vehicles - Discs & Batteries & Gloves & Hammer & Bag
🚸 ARE YOU PREPARED FOR A SUDDEN STOP?In recent years, the number of pedestrian fatalities in the United States has grown substantially faster than all other traffic deaths. The number of pedestrian fatalities increased 27 percent from 2007 to 2016, while at the same time, all other auto traffic deaths decreased by 14 percent. Pedestrian deaths as a proportion of total motor vehicle crash deaths increased steadily, from 11 percent in 2007 to 16 percent in 2016. Pedestrians now account for a larger proportion of traffic fatalities than they have in the past 33 years.✔️We Want to Decrease the Fatalities.✔️We Want to Save You & Your Loved Ones. 🚧 WIDE APPLICATIONThe flashing roadside emergency kit is generally used as broken vehicle traffic warning, police street mark, identification for emergency vehicle discovery, marine rescue identifier, keep away warning, large and heavy vehicle transport cautioning, emergency rescue identification, campground or climbing identifier, open-air lighting, boating, cars and so on.✔️Safe to use in many situations. ⚠️ FEATURESType: Led Emergency Magnetic Flash LightSize: 3.94 inch diameter x 1.38 inch thicknessVisibility: 360°/ up to 1 mile distanceTemps Fahrenheit: -40/-40 to 212/248 deg FVoltage: 3.6V Current:0.5A Power:2W 🔆 9 MODES#1-Rotate: 20 hours#2-Quad Flash: 25 hours#3-Single Blink: 30 hours#4-Alternating Blinks: 15 hours#5-SOS Rescue (Morse Code): 15 hours#6-Steady on-high: 10 hours#7-Steady on-low: 60 hours#8-4 LED: 20 hours#9-Top 3 LED White Flashlight: 20 hours 🎁 PACKAGE CONTENTS4 x Emergency Led Roadside Flares12 x Alkaline Batteries1 x Convenient Oxford Bag1 x Emergency Hammer1 x Pair of Work Gloves
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