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Hopkins 532 Mallory 26" Snow Brush with Foam Grip (Colors may vary)

Hopkins 532 Mallory 26
Mallory USA, by Hopkins Manufacturing, is the leading brand of snow and ice tools in Canada and North America. Mallory is recognized for quality, durability and lightweight solutions. Mallory's 26" Snow Tool Brush is comfortable and easy to use with its curved handle, comfort foam grip, and unbreakable scraper blade. Thick bristles make brushing snow and ice quick and painless. A must have for any vehicle.
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AmazonBasics Snow Brush & Ice Scraper

AmazonBasics Snow Brush & Ice Scraper
AmazonBasics brings you everyday items at a great value. An Amazon Brand.
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Snow Moover Small Car Brush and Ice Scraper with Foam Grip | Auto Snow R

Snow Moover Small Car Brush and Ice Scraper with Foam Grip | Auto Snow Removal | Small Car Windshield | Lightweight Tough Durable
The Snow MOOver Snow Brush and Ice Scraper are built to help you conquer winter! Nobody likes waking up in the morning or coming out from work to see their car covered in a foot of snow, much less having to remove it. The Snow MOOver makes it easy to push off snow with the car friendly, bristled brush head. The Ice Scraper features jaws made out of extra thick plastic and a flat ice scraper. Use the jaws to break up ice, then use the scraper to the remove it. Safe to use on car wind shields and windows. The lightweight and compact design works great with smaller cars. The Snow MOOVer and Ice Scraper have been battle tested in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to ensure they're up to the challenge of keeping your car free of snow and ice! Compacted Dimensions: 24" L x 3.75" W x 4.5" H. Regular Dimensions: 20" L x 9.5" W x 4.5" H. Weight: .45 lbs
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Snow MOOver 39" Extendable and Ice Scraper with Foam Grip | Auto Sn

Snow MOOver 39
The Snow MOOver 39" Extendable and Ice Scraper with Foam Grip is the perfect snow brush solution that will be durable enough to hold up in any weather. Equipped with a rotating head allowing you to set the brush at the optimum position. The snow brush easily removes snow and ice from car windshield, top and hood. The snow brush scraper extends up to 39" making the hard-to-reach pockets of snow reachable. The Ice Scraper features an ice scraper and jaws. Use the jaws to break up the ice, then use the scraper to remove it. The ice scraper is removable for faster and easier use. The snow scraper comes with 3 separate units--Foam Head Snow Brush, Ice Scraper & Telescoping extender. Piece it all together when in use or separate it for easy storage when not in season. The snow scraper is equipped with foam grips for a more delightful touch yet lightweight enough for easy mobility. DIMENSIONS: Extended Dimensions: 14" Width x 2" Depth x 39" Height (35.6cm W x 5.1cm D x 99.1cm H)Dimensions: 14" W x 2" D x 31" H (35.6cm W x 5.1cm D x 78.7cm H)
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Snow Joe SJBLZD 2-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom w/18-Inch Foam Head + Ice

Snow Joe SJBLZD 2-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom w 18-Inch Foam Head + Ice Scraper
SNOW PROBLEM! The Snow Joe Snow Broom model SJBLZD makes quick work of removing the snow piled on the roof, hood, trunk or windshield of your vehicle. Its patented dual-purpose design features an oversized 18-inch wide broom head on one end and a built-in ice scraper on the other, so you can quickly push heavy, wet snow off your car, truck or SUV, then clear away the ice build-up on your windshield with just one tool. Its durable, non-abrasive foam head safely and effectively sweeps snow off your vehicle without damaging its paint, trim or glass surfaces. Plus, its telescoping pole extends from 30 to 49 inches to provide maximum reach with minimal strain. Weighing only 1.2 pounds, the Snow Broom is super easy to handle and stores neatly inside the trunk of your car with its built-in bracket holder. GET EQUIPPED this winter with the Snow Joe Snow Broom and clear out fast from tough winter messes.
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FONY Leistung Series Extendable 33” Telescoping Snow brush Ice Scraper

FONY Leistung Series Extendable 33” Telescoping Snow brush Ice Scraper with Foam Grip for SUVs - Cars - Trucks and Vans
Melting snow and ice is hazardous to your vehicle. The AAA (American Automobile Association) published research reports that melting water damages to both your automotive body (paint, glaze & underbody) and traction control; and noticeable damage to keyholes, spout and windshield and wiper blades. FONY designed this snow brush and ice scraper 2 in 1 with customers in mind. Ease for the customers and protection for your vehicle. The FONY brand of snow and ice removal tools have been leading brand in China for over ten years. Let me know if you want any changes. Order it now and get discount, essential to any vehicle.
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Hopkins Subzero 16621 Ice Crusher Ice Scraper (Colors May Vary)

Hopkins Subzero 16621 Ice Crusher Ice Scraper (Colors May Vary)
For over forty years Hopkins Manufacturing and Subzero have shaped the winter snow and ice tools category. The Hopkins Subzero Ice Crusher Scraper has a 4.5" blade that clears frost instantly on one end and a separate ice chipper on the other end that improves ice removal capability
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Ice Scraper For Car & Snow Remover Brush Tool 2 in 1 - Thick and Ful

Ice Scraper For Car & Snow Remover Brush Tool 2 in 1 - Thick and Full Bristles - Ergonomic Grip - Comfy Foam Handle - Reversible Blade - Broom for Cars - Windshields - Windows - Snow & Ice Removal - Build up
Prepare Yourself For A Snowy Winter With The Most Reliable Snow Brush Tool! The winter has come! And unless you live in South Florida or sunny California, then this snow remover tool shouldn't be missing from the back of your trunk. Get ready to tackle heavy snowfall, icy rain, ice and frost with this magical snow broom. Save your precious time and hard earned money, keep your car always ready to go, and facilitate car rides like never before. Nothing can stop you now, with BRANDNAME* snow remover and ice scraper brushes by your side. Clears & Pushes Ice, Sweeps Snow, Eliminates Build Up & Protects Your Windshields! There Is Nothing You Can't Do With Our Snow Brush Tools! Combining a plow like broom, ergonomic handles and safe scraping blade this snow brush is a keeper! Its thick and plush bristles make sure that no damage is ever caused on your windows, doors and paint. Enjoy lightning fast snow removal with this smart snowbrush. The compact yet generous size makes storage and transportation a piece of cake. This 2 in 1 snow brush effectively cleans snow and ice without tiring your hands. It is ideal for all cars, jeeps, SUVs, RVs, ATVs, and even you bike and motorcycle. Whether you prefer form, function, or durability, this snow brush tool kit will get the job done for you. 6 Features That Make This Snow Remover & Ice Scraper Brush Your #1 Choice: · Scratch free, furry and thick bristles. · Dual handle. Reaches all hard to get areas. · Comfy and ergonomic foam grip. · Sturdy scraper blade and jaws. · Clever 2 in 1 brush. Compact and easily portable. · Removes snow, scrapes ice and clears build up. What are you waiting for? Get yours today, before we run out of stock again! Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now!
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Professional Ice Scraper & Crusher Tool For Ice & Snow Removal |

Professional Ice Scraper & Crusher Tool For Ice & Snow Removal | Breaks & Removes Snow & Frost From Your Car’s Windshield | Anti-Scratch - Handheld - Innovational Tool For Your Vehicle - Truck & SUV
Do you live in a northern country where winter is a non-stop barrage of snow and extremely low temperatures? Well, you know what happens when it snows. Ice forms all around your house and especially on your car's windows and windshield, making it impossible to get to work or run every day errands. If only there was a tool that could crush, break and remove ice in seconds... Introducing Our Innovative Handheld Ice Breaker & Scrapper Tool This multi-purpose tool features a scraper on one end that will get rid of soft snow and thin ice and a heavy-duty ice crusher on the other end that will break hard and thick ice within seconds, making it easier to scoop it and remove it with the scraper end. Of course, the operation of this tool is ultra-smooth and we've made sure it never scratches or damages your vehicle's windows or windscreen in any way. All it's meant to do is break and remove ice so that you can drive around without second thoughts! Ergonomic, Extra Long Handle For Your Convenience Featuring a palm and thumb rest, you'll be able to grip this scrapper with one hand and remove ice without hesitations or any trouble. With this ground-breaking handle design, you'll have even more leverage to clean up ice and snow that's just too hard or too far away to properly reach. That's why we've made the handle 11'' long, which makes the scrapper suitable not only for your car but also for your roof, gutter system and driveway. Ice Shattering Made Easy! Equipped with an extra-wide 4.5'' blade, our ice scrapper tool will easily cut through anything in no time. If ice breaking and removing is an everyday chore for you, now it'll take just seconds of your time! So What Are You Waiting For? Scroll Up & Click 'Add To Cart' NOW!
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Hopkins 2610XM Subzero 52" Super Extender Snowbroom (Colors may var

Hopkins 2610XM Subzero 52
For over forty years Hopkins Manufacturing and Subzero have shaped the winter snow and ice tools category. The wide blades on our ice scrapers clear away frost with fewer strokes and less effort, and the powerful ice chippers break up the thickest ice of the season. Our snowbrooms are capable of pushing the wettest, deepest snow from your entire vehicle. The snowbroom has a telescopic handle that can be adjusted to the desired size up to 52 inches.
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