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uxcell 394mil 16.36sqft Car Noise Sound Deadener Deadening Insulation Ma

uxcell 394mil 16.36sqft Car Noise Sound Deadener Deadening Insulation Mat Waterproof and Moistureproof 60
Description:Insulation Mat Acoustic Dampening Heat, Sound deadener Sound Proof Sticker100% Brand NewMetal:PE with aluminum and self-adhesiveCovered with Alumium foilThickness: 10mmStrong sound insulation and absorption performance,heat insulation, damping and antisepsisReducing energy consumption with strong performance of heat insutionStrong self-viscous performanceStrong shock resistanceMaking sound more centralized and harmony by changing the way of sound transmissionInstallation:1, Remove the door panels2, Install the screws back in original place, it will easy be found when you mount, avoiding holes be covered3, With roller tools will make insulation materials and sheet metal firm fit, and play best adhesive, damping performance4, According to the effect you want choose construction program, only single Soundproof/Damping Plate or single Heat Noise Insulation Cotton or Both them.5, You can also use on car roof floors, hood , firewall, chassis, trunk room, trunk lid and so on.. Do not cover the chassis wiring or air holes.Installation Notices:1, Please clean the surface you want to paste.2, Make insulation materials and sheet metal firm fit, and play best adhesive, damping performance3, Do not cover the chassis wiring or air holes when you installation4, Appropriate use of adhesive tape will strengthen connections effect
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Noico Green 170 mil 18 sqft Car Waterproof Sound Insulation, Heat and Co

Noico Green 170 mil 18 sqft Car Waterproof Sound Insulation - Heat and Cool Liner - Self-Adhesive Closed Cell PE Foam Deadening Material (1 6'' Thick Sound Deadener)
Noico 170 mil helps to keep the cold air of your A/C for longer ! The material has an optimum thickness and special structure thus offering a light weight. It effectively operates on the floor, doors and large surfaces, such as roof and the hood! This material is considered to be one of the best thermal insulators). The operating temperature of the material is the same as of the rubber foam such as DynaLiner - up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. DO NOT use this product as heat shield for mufflers, catalytic converters, DPF and more. In this case, you need to use special materials designed for 900-3000 degrees F. Noico 170 mil makes your car quite! Material copes with noise suppression. But at the same time, the material is not a complete substitute for butyl based sound deadening. The most effective way to treat your car is: 1) place the butyl based material as a first layer (about 60 % of the total elimination of sound and vibration), 2) install the waterproof foam heat insulation Noico 170 mil as a second layer (40 % of the total elimination of noise insulation). Noico 170 mil has the optimum level of adhesion! The material sticks well to the surface thus allowing for the correct operation. Easy to cut, handle and install. The material is intended for use in Automotive Firewalls, Car Doors, Headliners.
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Noico 80 mil 36 sqft car Sound deadening mat, Butyl Automotive Sound Dea

Noico 80 mil 36 sqft car Sound deadening mat - Butyl Automotive Sound Deadener - Audio Noise Insulation and dampening
Sound deadening material specifications: Nominal thickness 80 mil; Total coverage area of 36 sq.feet; Number of sheets in the stack 9; Nominal sheet Size 29,5x19,5 inch. Roller is not included.
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Car Insulation - 4' x 10' Roll (40 Sqft) Sound Deadener &

Car Insulation - 4' x 10' Roll (40 Sqft) Sound Deadener & Heat Barrier Mat - Automotive Lightweight Thermal Insulation
Car insulation offers the lightest & most effective thermal sound deadening insulation in the world! This 40 Sqft roll of material is an EXTREMELY light-weight sound deadener & thermal barrier that creates a quiet, comfortable, and efficient interior for any vehicle. It will keep you cool by reflecting unwanted engine, header, exhaust, & summer heat but it will also keep you warm in the winter! It is extremely flexible & very easy to cut, handle, and install. It is used by professional race teams, auto restoration shops, & many customers around the world. This can be installed in any vehicle in the entire interior. Car insulation is 1/4" thick overall and weighs 0.04lbs per Sqft so every 25Sqft roll of material weighs only 1.00lb! This is NOT a Jute or Butyl based product. It's a closed cell polyethylene. This can be used in ANY VEHICLE to insulate & sound proof your entire interior: floor pan, doors, under your carpet/seats, headliner/roof, trunk, trunk lids, and firewall (interior side). Car insulation is used in many automotive applications: muscle cars, hot rods, corvettes, imports, tuners, street rods, rat rods, classic cars, race cars, stock cars, old vintage cars, pickups, trucks, low riders, etc. We even have customers who use it in their airplane, SUV, RV, limousine, camper, boat, motor home, or school bus. Installation - There is NO ADHESIVE on our material but you have many options when it comes to installing it including spray adhesive, foil tape, double sided tape, etc. It is very flexible making it so simple & easy to install. Spray adhesive & foil tape in combination with each other has worked best for installation. Foil tape is optional to use with spray adhesive but helps you achieve the best thermal barrier results. For the ultimate install - double layer it! We have many sizes to choose from so please check out our other listings!
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Hood-Liner 55" x 32" x 3/5" Thick Fireproof Self-Adhesive

Hood-Liner 55
On the one hand, insulate the underside of hoods to protect paint jobs while reducing noise and vibration; on the other hand, the Aluminum Foil Face can block the major heat to protect your paint. Acoustical Foam with pressure sensitive adhesive backing and protective aluminum layer fused to top. The whole insulation foam is a good fireproof material with our unique technology. The information of Gift Tape: Size: 1.77in x 11yd x 32mil Material: Aluminum Foil Face Function: It is a good edge banding material. After putting the hoodliner insulation foam, you can use the tape to seal the edge. And the tape face also is Aluminum Foil material. Only you buy the thermal acoustic lining, will we send you the tape for free. Warm tips: Before installation: cleaning up your car hood to avoid dust or oil stain effect the self-adhesive. When installation: pressing the liner hard, and squeeze out the air between gum and hood. Additional installation: using the edge banding tape to hold it(we send it for free). Then it will be done.
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Ceramic Fiber Blanket 6# Density 2300F 1"x24"x25' for The

Ceramic Fiber Blanket 6# Density 2300F 1
Ceramic Fiber Blankets are manufactured from spun ceramic fiber and is needled to provide exceptional handling strength for high temperature insulation applications. Blanket is typically offered in three standard grades referred to as commercial, High-Purity, and Zirconia grade. All grades are lightweight and thermally efficient resulting in a material that has the advantage of low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock. Blanket is produced in varying dimensions, temperature ratings, and for different applications. Our office also supplies Bio-Soluble blanket which is environmentally friendly. If you don't see a specific blanket listed, please contact us directly and we will be happy to provide a custom quote.
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LINGDA 21.53 SqFT 10mm Heat Shield Thermal Sound Insulation Proofing Dea

LINGDA 21.53 SqFT 10mm Heat Shield Thermal Sound Insulation Proofing Deadener Mat Car Noise Control Acoustic Dampening Moistureproof Waterproof (40inch X 80inch)
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Thermo-Tec 13575 Adhesive Backed Aluminized Heat Barrier, 12" x 24&

Thermo-Tec 13575 Adhesive Backed Aluminized Heat Barrier - 12
The Thermo-Tec Adhesive Backed Heat Barrier protects parts and components from radiant heat. It can be used in applications to protect painted surfaces, plastic parts or any component from the damaging effects of radiant heat. Adhesive Backed Heat Barrier is made up of woven silica with a flexible aluminized finish. The highly reflective surface of the material is capable of withstanding radiant temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The adhesive backed side handles direct and continuous temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The adhesive backed composite construction material can easily be applied to any surface or wrapped around a hose or wire to make a clean professional appearance.
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3M Thinsulate Acoustic/Thermal Insulation AU4002-5 (40' x 60")

3M Thinsulate Acoustic Thermal Insulation AU4002-5 (40' x 60
3M AU4002-5 sound and thermal insulation engineered for vehicles. 60" wide, scrim on both sides. 1 linear foot is 5 square feet. Material comes compressed from 3M. The material will expand to 1 inch. Thinsulate is FMVSS 302 certified (federal motor vehicle safety standard). Delivers more acoustic absorption per unit weight vs. competitive products. Helps customers meet mass reduction goals Non-woven sound absorbing fibers create a quieter vehicle environment. Hydrophobic fibers. Recommend using 3M 90 Adhesive Spray.
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Ez-Cool Vehicle Van Car Truck SUV RV Camper Insulation Kit (100 Sq. Ft I

Ez-Cool Vehicle Van Car Truck SUV RV Camper Insulation Kit (100 Sq. Ft Insulation - 25' Foil Tape) Heat and Sound Automotive Insulation for Restoration Projects
EZ Cool Car Insulation Kit(Includes 100 Sq. Ft Insulation, 25' Foil Tape): Heat and Sound Automotive Insulation For Your Car EZ Cool Is part of the Super Shield Family of products and is the ideal Insulation for Hot Rods, Street Rods, Race Cars, Vintage Autos, Trucks, Vans, Motor Homes, Boats, and More. For use in Automotive Firewalls, Car Doors, Headliners, Hoods and Speaker Boxes. This foil and waterproof foam (not Bubble packaging Material) product helps by reducing road and vibration noise, Lowering heat in cab or hood and providing water protective membrane everywhere it is adhered to. Super Shield EZ Cool is indoor air quality approved and mold and mildew resistant. Pliable and moldable for easy application with 25 Feet of pure foil tape for seams included. Spray adhesive at limited areas holds everything in place as EZ Cool is extremely lightweight. Used in IROC Series as well as newly constructed Ambulance, Firetruck and Military vehicles EZ Cool provides heat and sound reduction for comfort. 10 foot kit is ideal for either firewall, doors, headliner or hood. 25 foot Kit available for when you are doing multiple applications on the same car. Super Shield EZ-Cool Car Insulation Kit(Includes 100 Sq. Ft Insulation, 25' Foil Tape): Heat and Sound Automotive Insulation For Your Car Restoration Projects Puncture, Crush and Water Resisant Lightweight, Flexible, Easy to cut and Handle Long Lasting, Non Toxic Stops Heat, Deadens Sound, Won't Absorb Moisture
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