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Dewalt DPG58-6C Reinforcer Fire Mirror High Performance Protective Safet

Dewalt DPG58-6C Reinforcer Fire Mirror High Performance Protective Safety Glasses with Rubber Temples
The DeWALT Reinforcer safety glasses deliver and hand grip pattern temple thats ergonomically positioned for secure.  DeWALT Reinforcer Features: Hand Grip Temple Design Distortion Free Lenses Cushioned Rubber Temple Pads Fire Mirror Lens Dewalt safety glasses meet ANSI Z87+ 2003 safety standards.
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2 New 5/16" x 30" Grade 30 trailer safety chains w/ S hook &am

2 New 5 16
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CURT 80176 Safety Cables

CURT 80176 Safety Cables
No matter how far you are planning to drive -- down the street or across the state -- using safety chains when you tow is smart, safe and required by law. Without safety chains attached, there is a serious risk of danger if your trailer becomes uncoupled from your trailer hitch. Play it safe with safety chains, and play it even safer with safety chains from CURT. CURT has a few different options when it comes to securing your trailer.An alternative to traditional safety chains is CURT safety cables. Safety cables are a medium-duty safety option and are very effective for most standard trailers. CURT safety cables are coiled so they do not drag on the ground, and they are fitted with safety latches, instead of S-hooks, to prevent them from becoming unhooked even over bumps and rough roads. One unique feature of CURT safety cables is their nylon coating. Being coated in a nylon skin keeps these cables well protected from rust, reduces the amount of noise they make and makes them easier to handle. These particular safety cables offer a minimum break force of 7,500 lbs. and measure a total length of 42".In our book, making safety a priority when you tow is a must. We offer all the safety equipment needed for successful towing, from our electrical components to our safety chains. The next time you hitch up for an adventure, always Bring It safely with CURT.
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Blue Ox 0224.8196 BX88196 Safety Cable Kit

Blue Ox 0224.8196 BX88196 Safety Cable Kit
Blue Ox Safety Cable Kit includes full length safety cables to protect the towed vehicle from accidental disconnection with. It is made of aircraft-grade cable and is plastic coated for easy handling. This safety cable kit features heavy-gauge steel connectors to help control the tow vehicle in case of a failure in the tow bar hook up. 
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2ea 5/16" x 36" Trailer Heavy Duty Safety Chains Slip Hook 10,

2ea 5 16
This sale includes 2 chains (each with a slip hook on each end)
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Reese Towpower 74059 72" Safety Chain - 5000 lb. Capacity

Reese Towpower 74059 72
Reese Towpower Class III Safety Chains offers excellent safety when towing and it can be used as a tie down. Rated for 5,000 lb. towing capacity this durable 72" linked chain has a weather resistant zinc finish to protect it from road grime and features two 2" quick links for added safety when going down the road. Safety chains are required by law in most states, cross your chains while towing for added security and protect your trailer and tow legally with Reese Safety Chains.
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LOYMR Car Safety Antiskid Hammer Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Emergenc

LOYMR Car Safety Antiskid Hammer Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Emergency Escape Tool (2 Pieces)
LOYMR 2 PCS Car Safety Hammer - Auto Car Window Glass Hammer Breaker and Auto Safety Seatbelt Cutter 2-in-1 Escape Tool. Break Car Window - Life is the most beloved things to us. So, take good care of it. Our car safety hammer set brings you the ultimate safety, helping you escape in case of a car accident. Just grab our safety hammer, break the glass and jump out of your car to protect yourself. Cut the Seatbelt & Get Out - Our life-saving tool not only helps you break your car's window, but also allows to cut your seatbelt with its razor sharp cutter fixed in a curved hook to avoid possible injuries. Get out of your car on time to save your own life. 1. HOW MUCH IS YOUR LIFE WORTH TO YOU? This Car Hammer Could Be Your Life Saver - Easy removal from its holder when you need to use it. 2. Specially designed double hammer head window breaker at one end and seatbelt cutter steel blade at the other end for emergency, combined in one high quality plastic handle. 3. Great for peace of mind A Must-Have Life Saving Survival Kit This car hammer,escape hammer, is designed to be a potential Life Saving Survival Kit. 4. You hope you would never use it. But it's there in your home, your car's center console, or door slot when you need to break windows or to cut seat belts so you can free yourself and your loved ones from inside a sinking or a burning car. 5. Get 1 hammer for each car you own and order extras for your home and for your loved ones. Things to Note: Since every window glass gets thick at the middle, it's recommended that you should start from corners or edges where glass seems to be quite thin and one could easily break it down. Once you somehow managed to make cracks, continue knocking until it's all broke.
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Standard Motor Products NS85T Neutral/Backup/Safety Switch

Standard Motor Products NS85T Neutral Backup Safety Switch
Standard Motor NS85T T-Series Neutral Safety Switch
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LED Road Flares - Emergency Safety Flare, Roadside Flashing Light Set of

LED Road Flares - Emergency Safety Flare - Roadside Flashing Light Set of 6 [2018 New] By Pacific Merchandising
✺ Pacific Merchandising LED Safety Flares ✺ The Pacific Merchandising Emergency Light is an unquestionable requirement to have in any situation. The lightweight ABS packaging and overhauled PCB board permits our safety flares to be MASSIVELY better than our contenders. See our customers pictures and recordings! PACKAGE INCLUDES: - 6 x LED Safety Flares - 1 x Easy-to-Carry Bag - 18 x AAA Alkaline Batteries $20.00 Value HOW TO USE THE LED LIGHTS Whether you want to call for help, use it as a flashlight, or simply keep them on to alert oncoming traffic, our road flares have NINE flashing modes. FLASH PATTERNS - BATTERY LIFE 1 - SOS Rescue: 20 Hrs 2 - Single Blink: 35 Hrs 3 - Quad Flash: 25 Hrs 4 - Alternating Blinks: 20 Hrs 5 - Rotate: 20 Hrs 6 - Steady on-high: 10 Hrs 7 - Steady on-low: 60 Hrs 8 - 4 LEDs: 20 Hrs 9 - Top 3 LED White Flashlight: 20 Hrs NEW DESIGN Compared to our rivals, the Pacific Merchandising design incorporates a new PCB internal electronic board, which won't deplete your battery during prolonged times of use. Also, our design enables you to get to the battery compartment effectively and without issue. DID YOU KNOW, ON AVERAGE, 1 OUT OF 3 CARS WILL BREAK DOWN EVERY YEAR? Enable us to limit the hazard for you and your family. The 15 individual LED lights packed into each of our SIX flashing road flares are intended for high visibility which will make your vehicle stand out up to a mile, warning oncoming drivers of the crisis and keeping your family SAFE! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON CHEAPER LOWER QUALITY LIGHTS. Click “ADD TO CART” now and help keep your friends and family safe!
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StonePoint Emergency Roadside Beacon LED Lighting Flare Kit with Storage

StonePoint Emergency Roadside Beacon LED Lighting Flare Kit with Storage Bag - Super Bright Light - Visible Up To 2 Miles Away - Red - Set of 3
The StonePoint LED Lighting Flare Kit makes an essential roadside tool for anyone on the road. The kit comes with a storage bag and contains three LED Emergency Beacons that can be for both professional and personal use. The LED Emergency Beacons are very bright and produce light with a 360-degree visibility up to two miles away. The lights have a wattage of 0.5 watts and a 50,000-hour lifespan. The Beacons offer the choice of two modes - flash and steady. They have a 20-hour run time in steady mode, and 60-hour run time on flash mode. The Beacons are powered by three AAA batteries (not included). The lights are safe and easy to use. They have a powerful magnetic base and are crush resistant for up to a 6,000-pound vehicle. They also replace dangerous strike flares, and are water resistant. These LED safety lights are small and lightweight and make a great addition to any emergency kit, garage, workshop, RV, boat, and outdoor adventures.
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